Ok, so here it is, how I got into Section 1:

    It was New Years Eve 1987; I was 19, in New York City with my cousin Sue. It was amazing, the sounds, lights, all the people, the alcohol, we were having a blast. We went from one party to the next, never stopping too long. Time Square was busier than I'd ever seen it before and there seemed to be more cops and men in dark suits wearing sunglasses than usual for a new years eve. I'd been there many times, but this time it was different, there was a large stage built right in the center of the square, we figured they were gonna have some kind of ceremony or something. With all the commotion we figured we needed a place to meet if we got separated, we picked our favorite pizza place on the corner of the square.
    At about 11 Sue said she needed to make a stop at a bathroom, all the public ones were nasty and had lines, so she decided to go back to the last bar we were at. I told her I'd wait for her, I didn't want to loose our spot to see the ceremony or whatever was gonna happen. I waited for about 15 minutes and when she didn't come back, I figured I'd go back and get her, and maybe have a few more drinks. Just as I started back, a fight broke out in front of me and not wanting to get killed, I ducked down the alley and decided to go around the block. The bar was just down one and a half blocks, I thought I knew where I was going, but as I walked down the alley, each cross street was blocked by buildings or fences so I had to keep going down further and further. At first there were lots of people milling around but after a few turns it became very dark and empty. I had no idea where I was, or how far I was from Time Square. I knew if I kept going I'd eventually have to come to an open street. Suddenly I heard voices above me, they seemed to be very loud whispers. It was two men, their voices were harsh and demanding, I listened in, just for fun.
    "Do you have it?"
    "Yeah, I have the triggers."
    "No, the C-4."
    "Oh, yeah, that too."
    "Don't fool around, what time is it?"
    "11:30, we have half an hour."
    I'm thinking, this sounds interesting, what are they gonna do at midnight, blow something up? Then it hit me, they're gonna blow up whoever it is that's giving the speech on the stage in Time Square. That's gotta be it, I thought, and started to walk away, figuring I should probably tell someone, when all of a sudden I was grabbed from behind and a man's hand covered my mouth. I quickly elbowed him in the gut and kicked him with my high heel, when he let me go I ran. I didn't get too far though, I tripped when my heel got stuck in a pothole, and he grabbed me again, this time I felt something hard in my back and knew it was a gun. I stopped fighting and put my hands up, he ordered, "Put your hands down, this isn't a stick up. Come with me and don't even try to run, make one sound and you're dead, got it."
    I nodded and followed where he pointed me to go. I figured he'd be taking me to where I heard the other two talking. We walked up the fire escape and he held my waist so I couldn't get too far ahead. We went in through a window that led to a hallway. We walked down a bit then came to a door, he knocked twice, stopped, then knocked three times. The door opened slowly and out pointed a very large gun, behind that appeared a nervous man with cold blue eyes.
    "Get that thing out of my face," the man behind me said fiercely.
    "Sorry Eric, who's she, what's going on?"
    "Don't use my name you idiot. I caught her sneaking around outside listening to you two talking. Do you think you could have been a little louder, I don't think everyone in New York heard our plans."
    "Sorry man, we weren't being that loud."
    "I could hear you guys half way down the street, why is the window open?"
    "It was getting stuffy in here."
    "Shut up both of you." He looked at me like his nerves were fried and had no time for games. "Who are you?"
    I said quietly, "No one, I was just walking by, I heard talking, I just stopped to see where it was coming from that's all."
    "Are you a cop, FBI, CIA, anything like that?"
    "Do I look like a cop?"
    "Don't play with me..."
    "I'm not a cop, or anything else, I'm here to celebrate New Years just like everyone else, well, almost everyone else." I said condescendingly.
    "Ok, that's it, I don't have time for this. Tie her up."
    "You're not gonna kill me?"
    "Not yet," Eric said coldly with an evil smile.
    The one with the big gun got up to do the job; he asked the other guy, "What should I use?"
    "I don't know John just find something."
    "Yeah John, how about that tape, that'll work." I said innocently.
    "How'd you know my name?" He said looking very confused.
    "I heard him say it, you guys aren't very smart are you. Look, I don't know exactly what you guys have planned, maybe I could help."
    They all just stopped and looked at me, "Yeah right," they said in unison.
    "Really, I know a thing or two about guns, and surveillance, my dad was a cop ok. Eric's the leader, the brains. You were just getting back from setting up your surveillance, counting cops and suits, checking your escape route. John, your explosives, the big bang guy, you set 'em up and set 'em off when he tells you to. You, middle man, I'll call you Joe, you're not the thinker, you know the plan and make sure what Eric says gets done, you're probably the get away driver and in charge of clean up of last minute details, like me, I suppose.
    He just smiles, and says, "The name's Damien." He looks at the other two and says, "What the hell, she already knows your names."
    Eric had had it by then, "Enough, both of you, just tie her up and put her in the other room, we're almost ready."
    John tied my hands together with the duct tape and led me into the other room. He sat me down on the bed and whispered. "I'm sorry to have to do this to you, what's your name?"
    "You're so pretty, what were you doing in the alley all by yourself?"
    "I was looking for my cousin, now I think she's probably looking for me." I think for a moment he felt bad for me and I knew I had a chance. When he left I tried to listen to their plans. Eric made all kinds of noise, but they didn't talk much. I heard the door close and shortly after, a car drove up outside in the alley. When Eric came back in, he ordered the other two to grab all the stuff, get me and get to the van. This time Damien came in and stood a second looking at me lying on the bed, "You are hot, too bad we don't have more time."
    "For what?" I said coyly, and gave him a wink.
    "Come on, let's go."
    He grabbed my arm as I got up and pulled me along with him. I wondered what was next, I needed a plan, I knew I could get to John and maybe Damien, Eric would be the tough one. I asked Eric, "What do you need me for, why don't you just leave me here, won't I get in your way, slow you down, or am I a hostage, maybe a diversion..."
    "Shut up, you wanted in, you're in."
    Now I was scared. What did they have in mind? "Well, if I'm in shouldn't I know the plan?"
    Eric took out a big knife and held it up in front of me, then cut the tape off my hands. With a low ominous tone he said, "Don't even think about it," and pushed me into the van.
    I played scared and nodded my head. They were all wearing black gloves, ski masks, jackets, the whole works, I wondered who they were. I could see guns and ammo in their backpacks, they weren't kidding around, I knew this could be bad if I got caught up in whatever they were gonna do. Suddenly the van stopped. John said,      "This is our stop, you're coming with me."
    "What? What do you mean, are you gonna tell me what I'm supposed to do or do I guess?" Eric laid it all out to me, "You're going with him to set up the small explosive that will divert most of the cops away from the target area, 40 seconds later, boom, the big one goes off and they won't know what hit them."
    "Why am I going?"
    "You'll look less suspicious as a couple. I'll have a gun on you at all times and if you even think of doing anything to John, he'll kill you, don't think your pretty face will stop him either."
    "Ok, I'll do it, just as long as I know you're not going to kill me."
    "Now why would we kill you before we've used you all up?"
    That didn't sound good, and I got the hint, I figured I'd better go along with them and see what happens. We got out of the van and I did what John told me, I hung on his arm and pretended to be drunk and happy. He took me down another alley and we put the C-4 behind a dumpster next to a seemingly deserted building. As we walked back to the van I could see Time Square down the block. It was ten minutes to midnight and the traffic was awful. I wondered how we'd make it out in time. Back at the van, I couldn't wait and had to ask, "Eric, how are we gonna make it out of here before midnight?"
    "It doesn't go off at midnight, the speech is after midnight, that's when the Vice President, a few senators, the mayor and all the politicians will be on the stage for all the world to see, wishing everyone a happy new year, then, BOOM! They'll all be dead."
    "Not that I mind or anything but, why are you killing them?" I asked as honestly as I could, trying not to piss him off.
    "They put my brother in jail, had him executed for murder, he didn't do it..."
    I saw the tears well up in his eyes and I knew he was out for revenge, the sadness in his eyes turned to anger when his alarm went off on his watch.
    "It's time," he mumbled sharply.
    I didn't know what that meant but I knew it wasn't good. "For what?"
    Damien stopped the van in a parking lot about two miles away from Time Square. John and Eric turned on the monitors they had set up in back and I could see everything going on. They must have had at least 10 cameras in the area. Eric looked at me, smiled and said, "You can never be too prepared."
    I watched the monitors as everything set into motion. They were so busy doing their stuff they didn't see me grab a gun out of John's bag. I took one I knew I could use and put it behind my back. Being a cop's daughter wasn't always a bad thing. They had a radio playing the local station that was broadcasting live from Time Square. As they counted down from one minute to midnight they set up all their timers and prepared their triggers and I waited to see if I'd get a chance to escape. I thought of my cousin Sue, wandering around looking for me, or waiting by the pizza place for me scared and worried. I hoped she wouldn't get hurt by the blast, I hoped she found some cute guy and went back to his place far away from there. I wished I was with some guy far away from there but I had no such luck as Eric startled me with his demand. "Get ready."
    John flicked a few switches, the countdown began. The radio announcer counted along with all of New York, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, happy new year! I could hear the whole city screaming it at the top of their lungs. I wanted to join in but hesitated when I saw the look on Eric's face. John's timer was set perfect with the cities clock and in four minutes the decoy bomb would blow, just enough to draw most of the cops away. Then two minutes after that, the second one goes off right as the Vice President is supposed to be speaking. In all the confusion no one would be able to find us and we'd get away free and clear.
    I had figured it all out. Now how do I get away from them? I thought. Would they actually let me go? I took a deep breath and asked Eric, "If you let me go I won't tell anyone what's going to happen, I just want to find my cousin and get her out of here."
    He looked at me sincerely and said, "There's no time."
The timer counted down for the first bomb, John held his hand over the kill switch just in case something went wrong. Eric watched the monitors and listened to the radio, it was all going as planned. The Vice President was introduced and with one minute left on the clock I thought I should do something, but what? The van doors weren't locked, I could easily kick them open and run, but they'd probably shoot me. I could try to shoot them, but with three of them and one of me I'd end up dead. Then, on the center monitor, I saw the Vice President introducing his family, his wife and two little girls. That was it, I had to do something to stop it. With 11 seconds left on the clock I hit the kill switch, kicked John in the face, threw the backpacks at Eric and ran out the back door, firing a few shots as cover. I ran into the nearest alley and was immediately grabbed and held quiet. All I could see was a black glove over my mouth, then I heard a man's voice, soft and low with a slight French accent.
    "Be quiet, stay still."
    Right from the frying pan right into the fire, I thought. How am I going to get out of this? As he handed me to another person behind him I thought this was my chance. I pretended to go along with him and when we got away from the others, I hit him in the neck, spun him around and kicked him between the legs, when he was down I took his gun, hit him over the head and ran. I was barefoot since Eric had taken my shoes away in the van, so the blood on the ground around me I knew was from my feet. I didn't hear anyone following me so I hid a second then peeked around the corner of the garbage heap I was hiding behind. I didn't see anyone, then suddenly a hand came from nowhere and grabbed my arm, I screamed and must have been knocked unconscious because the next thing I remember was waking up in a white room, in a white tank top and pants with no shoes on.
    An atractive man appeared next to me and said in a voice that seemed familiar, "You're safe." His voice was soft with a slight French accent, he leaned closer to me, and said something I didn't understand.
    "You'll do nicely, yes, a woman with your looks, talents, who can kill in cold blood, yes."
    I didn't know what he meant, I never killed anyone, I didn't have talents, what did he mean? Then he told me where I was, what they wanted from me and what choices I had, work for them or end up in row 10 plot 33. I made my choice.