I'd Love To

    He comes up behind her so suddenly, she jumps and laughs. "Oh, hi."
    "How are you doing?"
    "Okay, kind of bored, it's been slow."
    "Yeah, I've been walking around in a daze, looking for something to do."
    For some reason, tonight, the usual conversation turns more personal. It seems to her; he is looking for someone to talk to. He sees in her, a friendly face, a caring smile, and a willing ear. She is happy to learn more about him, but knows he is seeing someone and tries not to let her feelings show, but his very presence makes her tremble. He tells her about his relationship, and how it recently ended. She tries to feel bad for him, but her heart begins to race. Did he say what I thought he said?, she thought, he's a free man!! Thoughts run through her mind so fast she can't stop them. A big grin comes from her lips, as the possibilities race through her imagination. She tries to stop smiling that devilish little grin, but can't, the thoughts are too intense.
    He finally realizes she hasn't been listening to him. She's just standing there with a dazed look on her face. "Have you been listening to me?" he asks.
    "Yes, I have."
    "What was the last thing I said?"
    "You said you were kind of glad it was over because you don't like being in bad relationships."
    "How'd you do that?"
    "I could have sworn you weren't even listening to me and you just said almost word for word what I said."
    "I have this knack for doing more than one thing at a time."
    "I see," he says slyly, contemplating the possibilities.
    They stare into each other's eyes for a second, pretending to be romantic. Slowly she notices his look change, from the warm glow of flirting, to the fire of intimacy. Breaking the moment, she says, "I know what you mean. I've been in lots of bad relationships that didn't end soon enough. Now, I'd rather be alone than hurt that way again."
    "Yeah, it's not worth it." He leans in close to her and whispers softly, "You know, I really like talking to you. I'd love to spend some time together away from work, so we can talk and get to know each other better."
    "I'd love to, when?" she replies quickly.
    He thinks for a second, then about to answer her, a call comes over his radio, he's needed somewhere right away. "I'll be back later," he says sweetly as he touches her hand, then walks away.
    Immediately her thoughts run wild, where would they go, what would they do, what would she say. Every second he was away she missed him, longing to see his gorgeous tanned face, his contagious smile, those steel blue bedroom eyes...
    "Excuse me!" a customer exclaims, feeling ignored.
    Keeping busy helped, but her mind still wandered back to his muscular legs, that dark silky hair, how she longed to run her fingers through it. She was losing herself in his soft low voice, hearing his intent over and over. Then, she sees him walking across the hall, abruptly another customer takes her attention away from him for a second, and he's gone. Keeping her mind on work is even harder now, so she engrosses herself in closing the store.
    With five minutes until closing and still no sign of him, she begins to worry. No sooner had she given up hope, than he comes walking toward her.
    His eyes focus on her, his face serene, he walks slowly in his confident manner of strength and masculinity. Finally within reach, he puts his hand on hers and says, "I have the perfect place, it's close to my house."
    "Where?" she asks beginning to grin.
    "It's a surprise." The fire in his eyes gets more intense, as he let's his imagination take over. He can feel her eyes delving deep into his soul and he jerks his hand away uncontrollably.
    Confused, she moves her hand back and asks softly, "Anything wrong?"
    "No, no, not really, did you do that?"
    "Do what?"
    "You didn't feel that?"
    "Feel what?"
    "That strange tingly shock you gave me."
    "I didn't do anything, you were the one who touched my hand."
    "I know, but that was weird, let's do it again."
    "You know what I mean"
    "Sure, I'll hold your hand anytime."
    They smile at each other and slowly touch their fingers together, then their palms, then lace their fingers together squeezing ever so gently trying to feel something. "You feel it yet?"
    "Yeah, I'm feeling something, but it's not in my hand," he says with a crooked grin.
    "Oh, really?" she says slyly, wanting to know more, "I'd like to feel that." She suddenly pictures him wearing nothing but sweat. The scenes running through her head are so vivid, it shows on her face.
    "Okay," he demands, "tell me what you're thinking right now."
    "Right now?" she answers timidly.
    "I saw that look on your face, just tell me what you were thinking, please?"
    "If you have to know, I was thinking about how you would look sweaty and naked. Satisfied."
    "Oh, ah, yeah. So how did I look?" he asks, almost not wanting to know.
    She thinks a second, then says in a soft sensual voice, "You looked great wet, the way the red light sparkled off the beads of sweat rolling down your hard body, the look in your eyes teasing me, making me want to wipe the sweat from your bulging muscles with my body...."
    "Okay, okay," he breaks in, feeling a little embarrassed, "that's enough, I get the picture. Thanks."
    "Well, you wanted to know," she says innocently.
    "So, are you ready to go?"
    She nods and gathers her stuff to leave.
    "I just have to punch out, I'll meet you at the door."
    "Okay, I'll be waiting." She locks up and begins the usual trek to the door, but this time it's different. She feels like it's the first time. Her stomach feels funny and she's nervous as a schoolgirl. Feeling hot and cold at the same time, she fans her shirt and tries to remember how to walk.
    She finally makes it to the outside door and waits, trying to calm herself down.
    "Hi," he says softly, placing his arm around her waist.
    She flinches slightly in surprise and at the way he just happens to hit that spot on her back that gives her goose bumps. After a second to catch her breath, she leans back to whisper in his ear, "You really should be careful where you put your hands, I just might melt in your arms."
    "That's okay, I've got you," he whispers softly, just behind her ear.
    Her knees get weak at his light touch, the vibration of his words linger on her neck, caressing the tender flesh.
    "Let's get out of here," she says needing to break the silence.

    They agree to drive separately to his house, he needs to change into something more suited for the nights activities. Once there she feels a little more at ease. Expecting a single guys love palace, she finds it to be casual and inviting. He tells her to make herself at home and she does just that. She sits in a wonderfully cushioned reclining lounge chair, which just happens to be perfectly aligned with the television. Smiling and shaking her head she realizes the room centers around the big screen t.v.
    After a while he comes out of the bedroom and heads for the bathroom. The short glimpse she gets of him makes her heart stop. Whoa, what a difference, she thinks. She has seen him out of uniform before, but not like this. Beginning to get bored, she puts together a little fantasy in her head.
    He's in the bedroom changing and she walks in on him. He's standing with his back to her looking through his closet for a shirt to wear. His pants are unzipped and slightly off his hip showing his bikini briefs. He turns around and gives her an inviting glance. Not bothering to zip his pants, he walks toward her. She takes a deep breath and walks to him, meeting in front of the bed in a passionate embrace. He kisses her gently at first, then ravages her throat and neck. She tastes the salt from his sweat as she devours the curves of his neck and chest. He unbuttons her shirt and drops it on the floor revealing her sumptuous breasts heaving in anticipation. Licking and caressing them he slides down her pants as she releases his hard dick from the confines of his underwear, stroking and massaging it with her fingers. Then all at once, they fall onto the bed....
    "Hello, anybody in there?" he says, snapping his fingers in front of her face.
    "Oh my god, I'm sorry, what?" she says turning a brilliant shade of red.
    "And what were you thinking about?"
    She just smiles.
    "Forget it, I don't think I want to know."
    Her blood was boiling and she could feel the wetness dripping from inside her. She wanted him so bad she could taste him. But now was not the time. "You look really good. I've never seen you all dressed up like this before. It's a good thing I dressed up today or I'd feel undressed. Oh, I mean, underdressed."
    "You don't have to worry, you look great."
    "Can I use your bathroom, I need to freshen up."
    "Sure." He points the way then quickly cleans up after she's gone.
    After a few minutes, she comes out looking refreshed. "I'm ready, are you?"
    "Yeah, let's go. It's just a few blocks away." They take his car for the short ride to the club. It's a quiet little lounge with live music, great food and plenty of atmosphere. As they walk in, everyone seems to know him.
    The bartender calls him by name and asks, "The usual?"
    "No, not tonight. How about two glasses of champagne."
    "What are we celebrating?" she asks.
    "My freedom, and being out with you."
    "Alright, but only one. I have to drive later, and champagne goes straight to my head."
    "Don't worry, I'll take care of you," he says smiling devilishly.
    They sit at a table in the center of the room. The place is busy but not crowded. The band plays soft jazz and the mood is steamy. Everyone in the room seems to be thinking the same thing, she can see it in their eyes. Couples standing close, whispers and smiles, swaying to the beat of the night. When her focus finally comes back to him, he's just watching her. "Was I ignoring you?" she asks politely.
    "No, I don't think so."
    "I was just checking out this wonderful place you've brought me to. I really like it."
    "I'm glad. Now allow me to do the first toast."
    "By all means, please do," she says lifting her glass.
    "To freedom, and happiness." They smile at each other, touch glasses and drink.
    The bubbles tickle her nose and she begins to laugh. Trying desperately to stop laughing, it just gets worse. Soon he starts to laugh as well, sensing the tension melt away. "Okay," she says finally catching her breath, "oh my stomach hurts. It's my turn." holding her stomach and lifting her glass she says, "To new friends."
    "And happiness," he adds with a silly grin.
    "And happiness," she repeats, clinking her glass to his.
    After a few more silly toasts, the band plays his favorite song. "Ah, this is my song. Dance with me?" he asks politely offering his hand.
    "I'd love to," she says softly sliding her hand into his.
    He leads her onto the floor where several other couples are already past the first dance stage. At first it's somewhat awkward, she doesn't know where to put her hands or who's actually leading, she always tends to do so. Finally she relaxes and does her thing, wrapping her arms around his neck, she puts her head on his shoulder and fits her leg between his.
    He tenses up for a second, but quickly realizes how nice it feels and how well they fit together. They dance as if they've been together for years, moving perfectly in time. With his hands on her hips, he traces her movements as she sways back and forth, making perfect figure eights. At the end of the song, the band announces their break and everyone disperses around the room as the jukebox is loaded with quarters.
    They're still standing on the dance floor, and he's just holding her. He looks deep into her eyes and says nothing.
    "What?" she asks, a little confused.
    "You're beautiful," he says running his hand across her cheek, then through her long auburn hair, still staring into her eyes. "May I kiss you?" His hand travels down her neck and shoulder.
    She's speechless for a moment. Her mouth half open, she begins to say yes, but before she finishes the word, he kisses her gently on the mouth, cradling the back of her neck with his hand.
    Looking for any signs of disapproval, he waits for that look in her eyes.
    She's surprised, but doesn't mind that he took control and made the first move.
    Without another word, he knows it's okay and moves in for another try, when she suddenly kisses him. Starting slow, it quickly gets deep and passionate and seems to last for hours. Stopping momentarily to catch their breath, they realize where they are. "Maybe we should sit down," he says regaining his composer.
    "Yeah, I'm kind of thirsty. You want to get us another round?"
    "Sure, I'll be right back." He walks to the bar with a smile on his face the bartender knows well.
    "So, you got a hot one tonight, huh?" the bartender kids him.
    "Well..." he hesitates, leading him on. "No, it's not like that. She's a friend from work. This is our first time out together, for fun. It's not a date."
    "It sure looks like a date, and a hell of a lot of fun too."
    "Well it is fun, but it's not supposed to be like this."
    "Like what?"
    "It's not about sex, or starting a relationship. I just want to get to know her better."
    "And have fun."
    "Yeah." They laugh, do a high five and grunt a little.
    "You have to admit, she is hot."
    He looks at her, sitting there, waiting for him, and smiles, "Yeah, she is."
    Back at the table, he sets the glasses down and asks, "Would you like to play pool or anything? A table's open."
    "Sure, let's play," she says in her best Antonio Banderas voice. They collect their things and move to the pool tables. "You rack 'em, I'm not very good at this game." She grabs a cue from the rack and twirls it around.
    He watches the way she handles the stick, the way she holds it, caressing it ever so lightly, up and down.
    "You have to break too."
    "Alright, but you are gonna' play aren't you?"
    "Yes, I just don't hit the balls very hard, so they don't separate very much."
    "Gotcha. So, we're playing eight ball, you do know how to play that don't you?"
    "Yes," she says pointedly.
    He gets in position and sets the cue ball slightly off center. With perfect precision he hits the ball, wildly separating the pack, getting two balls in. "One of each, I'll take stripes." after a few times, he finally misses one.      "Your turn. You're solids."
    "I know," she says chalking up. She walks around the table looking for a good shot, picking an easy one.
He just happens to be behind her as she bends over, getting into position, shifting her weight from side to side. He watches her intently thinking to himself, I knew there was a reason I liked this game.
    She finally hits the ball, sinking it straight in. Feeling quite happy with herself, she does her little dance of joy, then goes to the next shot.
    He giggles slightly at her silliness and notices this time, she's facing him. Please God, he wishes, looking up at the ceiling, then straight back at her. She bends over for the shot and he gets his wish. After a second, he realizes she's not shooting, she's looking at him, looking down her shirt.
    "If I were you, I'd move," she says slyly motioning with her stick.
    "Sorry," he says innocently, grinning like a schoolboy. Completely amazed, he watches as she sinks the next four balls, then finally misses a hard bank shot. "I thought you said you weren't very good at this game."
    "I'm not, I just missed didn't I?"
    "Oh, yeah," he sneers, pointing to the balls she's gotten in.
    "I didn't say bad, just not very good."
    "Not very good my ass, did you see that last bank shot you made, it was perfect."
    "It was luck, and you do have a good ass actually."
    "You heard me."
    "Oh don't make me...."
    "What, what are you gonna' do, come on, take your best shot." She puts down her pole and motions for him to come and get her.
    "Don't tempt me, 'cause I will."
    "You will what?"
    "I'll beat the pants off ya'."
    "You don't have to beat my pants off, I'll take them off anytime you want."
    "Oh, that's it," he says softly putting down his pole. Slowly he walks over to her, trying to be casual.
    She's standing near the corner waiting eagerly, bouncing around like a boxer.
    He pretends like he's going to tickle her waist, but grabs her hands and leans her up against the wall.
    "Ooh, that was good. I wasn't ready for that."
    He leans close to her and whispers in her ear, "Are you ready for this?"
    Taking a deep breath, she exhales the word, "Yes."
    He lunges forward and attacks her neck, kissing and nibbling her velvet skin. He moves to her mouth, then her shoulder, and behind her ear.
    She slides one hand out from under his and reaches down to feel if he's hard. To her delight, he's not only hard, he's huge.
    At the full pressure of her hand on him he moans in her ear, his hot breath beating on her tender flesh. "I want you," he says softly looking into her eyes.
    She knew it was right, but they had to be alone. "Let's go back to your place," she whispers.
    Somewhat dazed, he nods his head and kisses her. "Let's go, right now," he says taking her hand. They gather their stuff, and head for the door.
    The bartender gives them a glance, shakes his head and yells, "Have a good time."

    Once they arrive at his house, he stops at the door, "Are you sure?"
    "I'm sure. Are you?"
    "I've never been more sure of anything in my whole life."
    "Good, now let's go inside, it's kinda cold out here."
    They go in, he turns the lights down low and puts soft music on. With the mood somewhat diminished, she feels she needs to do something to get it back. As he's running around the room trying to set the mood, she starts dancing and asks him, "Dance with me?"
    "I'd love to," he replies, relaxing a little. He moves the furniture back and takes her hand.
    This time she keeps her distance, dancing more for him than with him. She moves around him touching him slightly then moving away, rubbing up against him then pulling back.
    He's amazed with her rhythm and timing, how she follows the beat exactly. He watches her body move around him, expressing all she feels.
    As the song ends, she pulls him in front of his cushy lounge chair and says, "Sit and watch."
    "Okay," he says wondering what could be next.
    The next song is perfect. She dims the lights even more, then begins an erotic dance, teasing him with gestures and looks.
    He sits in awe of her grace and passion. She's getting to him. He watches as her hands do more than tease. They unbutton her shirt slowly, one by one with the beat of the music. Before they're all undone, she stops and turns around, finishing the last one away from his view. About to burst with anticipation, he clenches his fingers into the arms of his chair.
    She could tell he was ready for a little more. Leaving her top on, she seductively teases him pulling her pants down a little, then back up. After a pause in the music, she takes them off in one incredible movement. Her long shirt halfway covers the black satin bikini underwear, as she bends over, waving at him between her legs. Finally, with a crescendo in the music, she turns around and flings open her shirt, unveiling a matching black satin bra. Dropping the shirt on the couch beside her, she moves directly in front of him.
    He spreads his legs so she can move in closer. He has to consciously close his mouth and use every bit of self-control to keep himself from completely ravishing her. Watching as her gorgeously toned and tanned body sensuously interprets the music.
    With the song over, she pulls him up out of the chair and starts to unbutton his shirt. He kicks off his shoes and eagerly helps her take off his shirt. Now, it's her turn for self-control.
    He has an amazing chest, so strong and tight with a few dark curly hairs in the middle, just the way she likes it. The next song is really slow, she sways her hips gently, while undoing his pants. After helping him step out of them, she pushes him down into the chair. Thoroughly shocked, he quickly takes his socks off and braces himself.
    They're not bikinis, but they fit perfect, she thinks, fixating on his hardness. She sits on his lap facing him, her legs outside his. She looks deep into his eyes and says, "The rest is up to you."
    He takes the hint and removes her bra slowly, playing with her. In her excited state, every inch of her body is sensitive to his touch, bringing ecstasy with a simple brush of his hand. He runs his fingers around her tender breasts, massaging them gently. Rubbing his thumb across her nipple brings a small gasp from her, exposing that perfect spot. Waiting no longer, he takes one in his mouth, licking it delicately, then lightly sucking on it.
    Losing all control, she moans quietly in his ear, "That feels so good." She reaches down to feel him, finding it already free of his underwear and glistening with his own wetness. Pulling his underwear down, she gets a firm hold, stroking it in time with the music.
    Taking a minute to enjoy the pleasure, he sits back and lets the experience take over. In her expert hands, it doesn't take long before she knows he's close. She teases him slightly, slowing down a little and squeezing harder. When she sees his look change, she uses both hands steadily, moving faster and harder, concentrating more on the head. Finally he gets that look on his face and she knows it's time. He moans wildly, squeezes her legs and says, "Now, oh yeah, now, yes." He comes so intensely, he grabs the arms of the chair and digs in his nails, groaning madly all the while. Momentarily exhausted, he breathes, "Give me a minute to catch my breath. We're not done yet."
    She smiles and goes to wash up.
    Sitting there, still unsure of what's happening, he thinks about how crazy this is, but knows he doesn't want it to end.
    She walks back in and does a little dance step that blows him away. "Man, you're a great dancer. Where did you learn to do that?"
    "I took some lessons when I was young, but mostly it's just natural."
    "Have you ever danced professionally?"
    "What kind?"
    "No, really?"
    "Yes. I know, people always think I'm too shy and quiet to do that, but they don't know me very well."
    "I should have known. When you were dancing for me, there was something about it that seemed like you'd done it before."
    "Now you know."
    "You're incredible. Would you like something to drink, I'm thirsty."
    "Sure, whatever you're having." After he leaves, she finds herself dancing to a wonderful song she's never heard before. It has a slow sensuous beat that draws her in. He walks back in quietly, stopping at the doorway to watch her. He waits until the song is over, then interrupts, "Here you go," handing her the glass.
    She takes a sip, then puts it to her chest, "Is it really hot in here, or is it just me?"
    He answers in a deep, tender voice, while putting her glass down, "It's both of us." He suddenly sweeps her up into his arms and carries her into the bedroom. Laying her on the bed, he takes off his underwear, then hers. He sits next to her and asks, "Trust me?"
    "Of course I trust you."
    "Close your eyes."
    She closes her eyes and hopes he doesn't turn into a frog or something. It's all seemed too good to be true so far, but she knows it's real because she can feel his presence within her, their connection.
    Rolling her over onto her stomach, he sits on her legs, then runs his fingers around her back, tickling her immensely. He knows instantly when he's hit a good spot by her squeaks and squirming. He moves down, spreads her legs and sits between them. Now, his heart begins to race. He can see how wet she is, and he's eager to taste her. He leans up over her and pulls her hair out of the way, kissing her neck, her shoulders, working his way down. Stopping at a spot on her left cheek for a while, he moves down to the back of her knee, then goes up the other leg, teasing and tantalizing her to the point of madness. Moving to one side, he rolls her over again and spreads her legs.
    She knows what's next, but still doesn't open her eyes, waiting to feel the moment, letting her excitement run away with her.
    Keeping her in suspense, he licks her stomach and around her waist, slowly moving lower. Licking his middle finger, he slides it between her lips, caressing the outside, watching her squirm in submission. When he finally slides his finger in, she's so wet, there's no resistance. Knowing just where to go to give the most pleasure, he controls her completely. Wanting so bad to taste her, he pulls out his finger and licks off the sweet essence.
    Not being able to take anymore, she looks at him seductively, "Now."
    More than happy to oblige, he sits on the floor at the foot of the bed and pulls her to the end, so she's just mouth level. He spreads her lips and dives in, licking her with his tongue, using his lips on her clit. In shear exhilaration, she arches her back and tenses up uncontrollably. Sliding his tongue inside her brings entirely new sensations as she spreads her legs farther apart and rests them on his shoulders. She reaches down and runs her fingers through his hair, gently pulling it as he brings her to near orgasm. He asks quickly, "Should I finish by mouth?"
    "Yes," she breathes, moaning it several more times.
    He goes to work, sucking on her clit, with his finger inside her moving in time. She tells him it's almost there, moaning loudly, she pulls at the sheets and tenses uncontrollably. With expert timing he brings her to orgasm, drinking in her sweet juices. He takes his time, drawing it out, as she continues to come, moaning and caressing his head, keeping him there.
    Completely spent, she collapses, trying to breathe normally.
    Giving her a minute afterward, he grabs their glasses and offers a drink.
    "Thanks," she smiles, "for everything. That was fantastic. Where did you learn to do that?"
    He smiles and laughs, "Not telling."
    "Oh yeah," she yells, and pulls him onto the bed, kissing him passionately. The sparks begin to fly again, as he feels his hard-on get harder. She notices the same thing and gets herself in position then stops. "Wait, it helps if you're wet too."
    She wets her lips and gently licks the very tip of his dick, then runs her tongue around the head. Slowly taking the head in her mouth, she continues to lick around it and suck on it. Suddenly, she slides it deeper into her mouth, taking the whole thing in.
    He moans deeply, breathing heavily at the intense sensation. He had been running his fingers through her hair when she caught him by surprise with her sudden deep penetration. Pulling her hair back away from her face, he watches as she takes her time, arousing him, seducing him.
    Letting her tongue roam from side to side, she slides it in and out slowly, teasing him. Finally, she decides he's had enough and quickly sucks it hard a few times till he almost explodes. "Okay, now, I want you," she gasps, out of breath.
    Collapsing down onto the bed, she takes hold of his extremely hard cock and positions him between her legs, guiding it in slowly. They're both so wet, it glides right in, almost too deep. "Whoa, slowly," she says raising her legs up onto his shoulders. He eases in and out a few times letting her relax, then gets a nod from her. He changes position slightly and hits the spot. She lets out a deep groan that tells him he's right on. Thrusting deep inside her, he holds her legs as they tense and jump. Finding a good rhythm, they share intimate words, and let their hands roam across each other's bodies.
    At last, he can hold back no more and tells her he's close. She closes her eyes and tells him what she needs. She spreads her legs wide as he holds them up. Letting go, he moves faster, moaning almost as loud as she does. Finally, she yells out, "Yes, now, now."
    With passion surging through his blood, he explodes, coming so intensely, from the look on his face, it seems it almost hurts. She watches him, finding it hard to keep a straight face, she closes her eyes and concentrates on her own orgasm. Using her finger to prolong herself, to his amazement, she continues to come for a few minutes. Finally, coming down from her orgasm, she wraps her legs around him and pulls him down on top of her. They hold each other contentedly, not wanting to let go. His breath on her neck begins to tickle her and she starts to giggle. Then she thinks of his "cum" face, and loses it, laughing out loud.
    "What are you laughing about?" he says, hoping for the best.
    "Nothing, really, I just love the look men get when they come, it's always so funny. Women don't do that."
    "Yeah they do!" He states confidently.
    She just gives him "the look" and he knows she's right. "So, you have anything to munch on, I'm starved."
    "Actually, not much, I need to go shopping," he says, leaning up on his elbows.
    "Oh, fine, I'll just have some of this...." she says seriously, then bites him on the arm. "This is pretty tasty, what's it called?"
    "Me," he yells, "watch it, or I'll have to...you know...do something." He sits up and slides out of her, then sits between her legs.
    Staring at him quite puzzled, "Can you get a little more specific?"
    "This!" he exclaims quickly as he grabs her arms, holds them down and nibbles her neck wildly.
    "Not fair, you're bigger and stronger than me," she yells out through the giggles.
    "Yeah, just the way I like it. It makes it a lot easier to do this..." he rushes at her neck again, biting it playfully, kissing her repeatedly from her neck to her fingertips. "I love the way you taste," he says, sucking on her fingers.
    "I love what you're doing to my fingers. As a matter of fact, I remember I liked what you did with your mouth somewhere else too." With her eyes closed and a big smile on her face, she thinks about his tongue sliding slowly between her lips, doing quick little circles around her clit, then slipping inside her.
    He watches her expression change from playful to passionate as she seems to get way too much satisfaction from him sucking on her fingers. "Don't tell me, you're thinking about...."
    "What exactly?" He ponders a second trying to figure it out.
    "A part of your body."
    "What part?"
    "A very hot...wet...soft...sexy part."
    He points to his mouth and grins. "What was it doing?"
    "Making me sweat."
    "Where was it doing it?"
    She points between her legs.
    "Ooooh." His sultry eyes closed, his mouth slightly open, "oh, oh, yeah."
    "Okay, you gonna' fill me in?"
    He gives her a look that makes her think about what she just said, and they both laugh. "You want to know what I want to do?"
    "What?" she inquires.
    "You, on top, me, underneath. Sixty-nine."
    "Ah, yes, but are you up for it?"
    "I will be, just give me a minute." He lets her up, then lays in her place.
    "I'll be right back, I just want to clean up a little," she says heading toward the bathroom.
    Upon her return, she notices he's not hard yet. "Well, are you ready?" she asks, wondering if he's still motivated.
    "Yeah, come here," he says motioning for her to get in position.
    Once situated, she barely touches him and notices he's rock hard. "That was quick, I didn't do anything yet."     She looks back, realizing why he stiffened up so quickly.
    He's studying her body, the way her tight little ass wiggles from side to side as she moves, her wetness glistening as she spreads her legs, the shapes and curves of her femininity enticing him to come and feel her. He caresses her body gently, following the curves from her back to her toes.
    She lays her head on his thigh and plays with him, making circles in his dark curly hair. She licks her finger and runs the moisture down his balls then blows on it, making it cold.
    "Hey!" he gasps, momentarily distracted from his survey.
    "Sorry." She apologizes, then quickly changes his temperature by breathing heavily on his balls and licking them, while slowly massaging his dick.
    As his fingers move closer, teasing her with penetration, she decides it's time. She takes him in as far as she can, using both hands to get full motion and an intense reaction from him.
    Waiting no longer, he spreads her lips and dives into her pussy, wildly licking and sucking on her, sliding a finger in to heighten her excitement.
    Finding it hard to concentrate on him, she bends down lower, only using one hand in time with the rhythm of her mouth, she begins the climb. Gradually sucking harder and deeper, slowly getting faster and faster. Her hand squeezes gently at the base, pulling up hard as she runs her tongue across the head. She can tell it's working as his moans get louder and more intense.
    In his extreme excitement, he feels he's about to come, he centers all his attention on her clit, using his lips and tongue, sucking hard, he spreads her legs so he can get deeper. With a couple fingers inside, he reaches her spot as she yells louder and tells him to go faster.
They both know it's almost time, each trying to make it last for the other so they come together. Suddenly he realizes she's quiet and holding her breath. "Oh, now, I'm coming, now."
    With those words, he eats her hard, feeling himself lose control. In an untamed frenzy of wild noises and flailing bodies, they come together, losing all inhibitions.
    Her time over, she lays next to him putting her head on his thigh.
After a minute, he opens his eyes and looks at her with a new intensity, "How?"
    "I'm good." She says, being cocky.
    "Yes, you are. Where...have you been all my life?"
    "With all the wrong men. But I think that's changing."
    "I think so too. For me."
    Staring deep into his eyes, she gets serious for a second. "I know you're not ready for a relationship now and neither am I. All I know is that I like being with you."
    Her sincerity makes him think. "I really like being with you too, so why don't we just do it. We'll spend time together, get to really know each other, have sex whenever we want and see what happens."
    "Sounds good to me. So do I go home now or do I get to sleep over?"
    "Sleep over. Stay with me?" he asks honestly.
    "I'd love to."