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Sedona, Arizona.

I arrived very late at the timeshare, but got checked in and found the room easily enough. Pretty much I had dinner and went to bed. The next day I had a great breakfast and went shopping for food for the week. I decided to go up Schnebly Hill. Now, I had rented a Mitsubishi Montero cause I knew I wanted to go 4 wheeling, so I was prepared. The road is notorious for it's bumpiness so it was a fun ride.

1schneblyhill.jpg (29854 bytes)2sh.jpg (26820 bytes)3sh.jpg (26647 bytes)

You start at the bottom, of course and go up, that's how hills work. There's so much to see and so many wonderful mountains and rock formations it's just one oh and ah after another.

4medwheel.jpg (35437 bytes)5medwheel.jpg (27616 bytes) 

This is the one place that everyone stops to check out the view, more than half way up, it's a great place to hang out and rest. I used the sienna setting on the camera to get that old time feel. I got the medicine wheel with and without.

7top.jpg (65795 bytes)8scifirock.jpg (16085 bytes)9kimcactus.jpg (31895 bytes)

Nice view. Another weird camera setting, hit it by accident and thought it looked cool so I kept it. It's a rock with the sun shining behind it. Me and cactus, it was really tall, the rest of it is in the next picture.

10cactus.jpg (40674 bytes)11mountains.jpg (39797 bytes)12mountains.jpg (18566 bytes)

See, it was huge. I drove to the top and went 4 wheeling on a trail that only the tour jeeps usually use. Along the way I saw these bulls grazing.

13mountshadows.jpg (15355 bytes)14bulls.jpg (26258 bytes)15bull.jpg (32977 bytes)

I love all the layers of the mountains. The bulls, that was the weirdest thing I ever saw, I had to get pictures as proof.

16bull.jpg (32592 bytes)17mounts.jpg (16438 bytes)18alienrestaurant.jpg (26609 bytes)

This guy was kind of cute. More setting sun. I ate at the Red Planet Diner for dinner, it's a very cool Alien theme restaurant with pretty good food and it's not too expensive either.

19redplanetdiner.jpg (61765 bytes)20bird.jpg (37781 bytes)21sliderock.jpg (34383 bytes)

I love the way it looks at night, the spaceship fountain is cool. The middle pic is of one of the birds that hung outside of our balcony all the time. I ended up feeding them stuff every day. Then, I went to slide rock park. It's a cool place for kids of all ages to have fun in the hot weather. It has a natural water slide, but the water is very cold. There were lots of people there and I had fun.

24water.jpg (35006 bytes) 

I didn't want to ruin my suit so I didn't do the slide. I laid out in the sun, went for a wonderful walk up the river, found a great secluded spot to meditate a bit and cooled off in the water.

26viewfrombell.jpg (31890 bytes) 

The next day I went to bell rock. It was hot and long hike to the top but I decided to go for it. I just took my time, drank lots of water and rested alot. I think I was still having altitude problems.

29bellrock.jpg (31290 bytes)30viewfrombell.jpg (34038 bytes)

There are rocks all over the place, little formations, big ones, everywhere you look, it's very pretty.

31bellrock.jpg (31989 bytes)32viewfrombell.jpg (28197 bytes)33belltop.jpg (31061 bytes)

Bell rock is kind of shaped like a bell from a distance, but up close it has lots of smaller peaks to get up on. I made it to the top of the peak in the first pic. The second pic is a rock across the valley. The third is the way up to the top, that's where I got some sun, took pictures and wrote stuff on the rocks with the chalky stones I found.

34belltop.jpg (58297 bytes)35medwheel.jpg (34428 bytes) 

There was a good medicine wheel on a lower level.

37bluebird.jpg (55275 bytes)

I saw this blue bird and followed him around till I got a pic. You see them there alot, but they never stay still.

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