New Mexico and Sedona, Arizona Trip

June 12-22, 2001

This was my first trip to New Mexico. I flew into Albuquerque New Mexico and I had rented  a car so I checked out the city and then drove north to check out all those cities and the attractions up there. I drove all over the place, stayed in 2 different places then finally made it to Sedona and spent the rest of my vacation there in one of mom's timeshares.

23tequilaroseroom.jpg (28423 bytes)24trr.jpg (30006 bytes)38trroom.jpg (27136 bytes)

I started in Albuquerque and drove all day. This is the first place I stayed, it was in Taos, very cool place. The Tequila Rose, they had 2 rooms to rent, that's it, for 100.00 a night. It was private and very nice, basically I stayed there cause the people were cool. I found out that stars stay there when in town for a shoot or something. The owner told me some stories about stuff that happened there, pointed out Julia Roberts' house up on the hill, don't ask, I wasn't sure which one it was, they all had green roofs???!!!??? I had a barbecue with the owner and the other couple staying there and met his friends that were just hanging out there. I've got to admit, it was a very cool place, I'm glad I stayed there. He had remodeled the whole place himself out of their own house, so it was really different and had a nice homey feel. I tried to capture some of it's style and personality. If you're ever in Taos stay there, it's worth it.

40trcurtains.jpg (59896 bytes)41trlivingroom.jpg (30172 bytes) 

 It was all very New Mexico, but the curtains were the best, I really loved the colors. I lit up the gas stove and had the other couple over for drinks that night. We played cards for a long time and I had alot of fun with them and their 2 dachshunds, very cool dogs.

25lunch10000ft.jpg (33343 bytes)26kimlunch.jpg (27624 bytes) 

The next day when I left I drove up to the ski area and had lunch. It's at about 10,000 feet, wow, that's the highest I've ever been, not in an airplane. I was surprised my head didn't explode. I ate at the Bavarian restaurant. Food was ok, view was great, weather nice, I had the place to myself.

28skyclouds.jpg (23944 bytes)29afterlunch.jpg (55517 bytes)30kimstream.jpg (29783 bytes)

After I ate I lounged outside and took pictures and relaxed a bit. Beautiful waterfalls and river coming down the mountain. That's when I thought my head would explode. I went down by the water, caught my breath and relaxed.

32waterfall.jpg (32737 bytes)33rio.jpg (51923 bytes) 

The waterfall, it was really pretty. Then I left and headed toward Arizona. Passed the Rio Grande river, it's big.

34clouds.jpg (24450 bytes)35bigvalley.jpg (21298 bytes)36morevalley.jpg (18244 bytes)

The sky, cool clouds. Then I came across the "Big Valley" something or another, it was some kind of preserve or national park or something, anyway it was a really big valley. It went on forever, this is just a small sampling of 2 spots along the way. There were elk and deer there too, NEAT. I love seeing wildlife in the wild, where they're supposed to be.

That night I had to find a place to stay, so I drove around in this small town looking for a vacancy and for it to be open since it was like really late and the whole town seemed to be closed down for the night, it was a big adventure. Eventually I found a great place and ended up staying 2 nights.

I stopped at soda spring, they have lots of hot and mineral springs in the area. I hung out here a while, you just pull off the road and have fun. The water was nice and the weather was perfect. The town was very small but I found a great place for breakfasts and stuff, very hometown, down-home, fresh made everything, great service, 4 calendar restaurant with outdoor seating and the best view around, it was amazing. Jemez Springs is the place, if you're ever in the area, check it out.

17sodasprings.jpg (33561 bytes)18riverfalls.jpg (28828 bytes) 

 The river was very cool the way it ran through that rock. It was a neat rocky outcrop with the river running through it and the warm mineral spring coming right up inside the rocks. Very cool.

20rocksprings.jpg (33231 bytes)21kimspring.jpg (68708 bytes) 

Here's where the spring was. You can see the discoloration from the minerals on the rocks. You could climb into the rock a little to get to it. The first pic is the entrance, the second is me inside. It was like a little cave, it was cool but humid inside.

22kimspring.jpg (30119 bytes)4river.jpg (33022 bytes)5spring.jpg (29646 bytes)

The water was nice, it smelled a little but wasn't too bad. The second pic is looking down at the river from the top of the rocks. The last pic is another spring across the road, it was just pouring out of the rocks, that's the coolest thing.

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