Sedona, Arizona

Mom's had a time share here for years and I've taken lots of trips with her and my aunt BJ. When I can't go she brings other family members, I think most of the family's been there at least once now. Mom goes every year and tells me the latest of what's going on. It's a wonderful place just 1 and 1/2 hours north of Phoenix. It's gotten quite a bit bigger over the years but still has a small city feel, lots of down home cookin' and plenty of open spaces to get lost in. It's a very spiritual place too, especially for the Indians that live there. But if you're looking for some healing, to get back to nature, to rest and relax and become one with your emotions then this is your place. And if you're looking for some entertainment, there's more than ever to do. From art museums to mountain biking, the list goes on and on. The food ranges from home cookin' diners to ***** restaurants and everything in between. There's plenty of hotels and time shares and places to stay. So check it out and stay a while, enjoy the fresh air, spiritual energy and fantastic geography. Tell 'em I sent ya.


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