June 2000.

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This is our annual trip to Shugrue's on the Hillside. It's the best restaurant in town, at least I think so. It has a great patio you can eat out on and has an excellent view of the area. We always go to watch the sunset. There's a small shopping center below it and we always go a little early so we can shop and have fun looking at all the wonderful artwork they have in the area.

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There's some really interesting stuff too, they change it all the time.

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I just have to be a little silly don't I, can't help it!!!!

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Out on the patio after dinner. It's cool, the bats come out and fly around catching the bugs drawn by the light. Ok, I'm weird, I like to see the bats. I got a little sun, can you tell.

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I like this shot of mom, great color. She got creative with the camera and got this shot from the patio of the rocks close by us before dinner. I love the 'old time photo' feel.

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