1999 cont'd.

These are Mom's pictures.

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Sunsets rule in the desert. Mom and I just hangin' on the rocks.

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Me and BJ on the rocks, hahahah hehehehe, that's a good one. All of us at Cathedral rock again, weren't we already here?

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Mom and I at the Chapel. A nice man took our picture together at the Chapel. BJ and I at my favorite meditation spot.

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I loved this spot, it was shaded usually, and just felt good. Mom and I in my spot, can you say hat hair. It was hot, so shade was a must. Mom's always so colorful, I love it.

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Rock me baby. The bush was wearing my glasses, basically right where I'm pointing, in the middle of the bush, they fell down a little so weren't upright anymore. It really looked funny for a minute, guess you had to be there. BJ and I hanging out.

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