1999 cont'd.

These are my pictures. Just so you know, we all took pictures of the same places so there might be alot of pics that look very much alike, so don't worry if it all starts to look the same, it probably is.

This is a panorama of the valley from up on Cathedral rock. Follow the first 6 shots from left to right all the way down the page, see if you can see where each shot starts and ends from the next shot.

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How'd 'ya do? Wish I could have put it all together but it's just too big and I wanted you to be able to see it.

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Spots on Cathedral rock we enjoyed. The first medicine wheel I ever saw in Sedona.

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A great sunset from Schnebly Hill. Mom and BJ helping each other coming down the trail. There's Snoopy. I'll help you out a little here. He's lying on his back, like he's on his doghouse, his head is on the left side, his nose is pointing up and you can see his feet sticking up on the right side. See it now?

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