Sedona trip 1999.

This was my first trip to Sedona with my mom and aunt BJ, mom's sister.

I actually have 3 set of pictures from this trip, mine, mom's and BJ's. These are BJ's.

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We spent a week here as usual and had fantastic weather. Cathedral rock in the background, makes for wonderful pictures. Mom and I, then BJ and I, everybody wants a picture with me, must have smelled good that day or something.

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Courthouse rock and Bell rock. Middle pic is just cool rocks, and last pic is the elephant, he's the far right whitish rock. Don't see it, he's laying down, his head is on the right side with his trunk hanging down into where the trees are and curving back up.

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Views from Airport road and lookout. Cool place to watch sunsets too.

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More views from up on high. BJ in the great outdoors.

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Cool sunset that night. Rocks, rocks, everywhere you look. Ok, wasn't BJ just standing there????

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The Kachina lady rocks. BJ, mom and I went up to the chapel on the hillside and lit candles for lost loved ones. Outside we took pictures of us with the great view. We tried to center ourselves in between the rock formations.

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BJ and mom at the fountain by her time share.

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