Family Pictures

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Dad and Inky Dink by the fire up in a great lodge up in the Poconos. Mom, dad and Craig, think this was Craig's prom pic.

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My cousin Sue climbing with us down at Smith Rock climbing area in Oregon.

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It was a fun trip and we had decent weather too. I tend to bring rain and snow everywhere I go.

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Mom and Dad's trip to Sedona a long time ago. Dad's in the center pic and Mom's the last pic.

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Then Mom went to Sedona with her aunt Louise. That's at the time share in the last pic.

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Dad's tattoo, pretty cool huh, not bad for an old guy, just kidding Dad!!! The house this past Christmas, Dad always does a great job of decorating.

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That's Inky Dink on the lion statue in the yard, he likes it up there, don't know why???? Mom and Dad on a cruise in 1995. A cool sunset she got on the trip.

xmastree.jpg (9482 bytes)

The tree at home, my parents home that is. Cool little village under it, little details that make it homey.

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