La Push Trip.

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This is our 3rd trip to La Push, it's an Indian reservation out on the ocean, in the northern part of the peninsula. We take the ferry over to the peninsula then drive for about 3 hours. The first 2 pics are off the ferry, it's Mt. Rainier. Then just a really big lake on the way, it's very pretty.

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We stopped a the Olympic Game Farm to see the animals, they had alot of them too. You drive through and they're all loose mostly except for some of the more dangerous ones. You can feed them bread you buy there but that's all. So, they all come right up to the car and look for food. These are yaks, the baby was so cute.

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Peacocks and llamas. Extremely cute baby llamas too.

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That's a monkey up in the tree, a prairie dog of course, he posed for me, and a rhino.

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He did what most rhino's I've seen do, slept. The zebras were a bit rowdy, one kept chasing the others away from the cars to get the food, bully. Then the bears......

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The bears were very cool. They had quite a few, and they all did tricks to get food, it was hysterical. One pretended to growl at you, he looked ferocious but made no sound, then he'd wave at you. Most of them sat up and waved.

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They look so gentle, but you know they could rip your head off. The middle pic is the guy that would growl and wave, he was also great at catching the bread in his mouth too, we spent a long time with him.

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The buffalo, they were the scariest, they had a warning before you went in, you enter at your own risk. They would surround the cars and slobber you to death until you gave them food, and they wouldn't move either. There were a few that were really tenacious, they had it all planned out I swear, and you couldn't beep your horn to get them to move either. That would just piss them off. I felt like the little girl in the first Jurassic park movie when the T-Rex was at the door looking in at her. Some of these things were huge, I didn't get pics cause I didn't want to scare the big one that was pressing against the car, it's head took up the whole window area. I was freaking out when it pushed the car a little, I was expecting to be rolled at any minute. Then this huge tongue would come out and slime my windows, it was so gross, we couldn't see out after we left, we had to go to a car wash. The babies were cool and not scary but the big ones were a bit much.

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