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We bought a house October, 2002 and have been moving in ever since. It's been crazy and cost alot of money. I have a few pictures I just need time to get them up. We still don't have half our stuff put out and have decided on different color schemes and designs than we had before. We actually bought matching furniture and lamps and painted it all to go together. Designing your own house is cool but man it takes forever and is really expensive. One day when it's all done I'll take lots of pictures and have them up for all my friends and family to see. For now, enjoy these old photos.

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Tulips, grown in Mount Vernon, WA. Like, most of them for the whole state and surrounding states are grown here, they do daffodils too. It's gorgeous when they're all blooming, it's a whole valley of color. Something you gotta do if you live here.

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Me and my car, it's the best car I've ever had, my Saturn SL2. This is still at the old house as all of these pictures will be.

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 The moon, in case you didn't know what it was. Ok, sometimes I take silly pictures, but it was so pretty!!!!!!!

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Pierogies, I made them, and they were the best ones I ever made so I took a picture, can you feel the strangeness??!!!??? I can almost taste it, man that makes me hungry.

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