This is my childhood.

I was born January 22, 1968. I am 5'6", blue/grey eyes, reddish brown hair naturally, but that changes alot now, and I weigh on average 115 pounds, give or take a vacation or 2.

All these pics are in no particular order. I tried to keep them semi-orderly by age but it's not exact by any means. These are just a few pics mom sent me years ago. I tried to fix the color on them best I could, but some are just old and I didn't want to spend forever on it so did the best I could.

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I was a cute kid, that smile look familiar?

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Mom's hat, I've always loved purple. My cat, Katy.

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We had another cat at one point, his name was Cricket. Me at the NJ shore, we went there every summer for vacation.

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I loved the beach, still do.

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My cousin's and me at Easter, that's Bobbie, Sue and Gordon. Christmas, toys, oh joy, toys!!!

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Mom always looked great. The hairstyles changed, the clothes changed, but mom was always a stunner. I love riding horses, it started right here, pony rides.

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Dancing, all mom's fault. She put me in dancing school when I was 4. I haven't stopped dancing yet.

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Feeding the ducks at the lake, one of my favorite things to do as a kid. My Baptism, nice dress.

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My God parents, Jeff and Beverly. Dad and I on our great green couch. We lived in a great apartment complex with lots of kids. This was my best friend Larry, he lived right above us. There was a great sledding hill across the street, we'd go every year.

kimmom.jpg (25184 bytes)

Mom and her big hair, I love it.

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