AHHH, the holidays.


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Me at Halloween a few years ago. My Musketeer costume. I had the frilly collared shirt that had frills down the front too, it's really hard to see cause it's so white, it has frills at the end of the sleeves too. I made the cape, took forever, but it turned out very cool. I had the hat and boots but made the matching purple accessories for it. It was all white, purple and black. I had my hair done at my hairdressers that morning and did my make up in purple to match. I loved the ringlets in my hair, it took 2 washings to get all the goo out. The guy is a friend that stopped by, he's into the SCA too and sells swords and other renaissance gear.

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These were all taken at work in the mall, we always dress up to do the trick or treat thing for the kids. The mall has been doing the 'Safe and Sane trick or treat' thing forever. I liked dressing up for work then we'd always go out afterwards and have fun dancing and stuff.

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