Here we have pics of all the zoos I've been to and random animal shots.

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That's eagles in the tree, we saw them sitting by a river, there to catch the salmon. There were actually lots of them out at that time, salmon spawning brings them all together by the river's edge. A cool bird. Then our trip to the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. It was a pretty nice day, notice no jacket, but the sweater was thick and the hat was for rain as well as sun.Yeah, the ice cream was good.

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I volunteered here for 2 years. I worked the African safari, which is giraffes, zebras, gazelles and a topi antelope. I also worked in the primate house, back when they all lived in a building. Now they all live in natural surroundings, it's much better. I got to know the giraffes well, even fed them bread by hand, that was fun and somewhat scary. I basically had to clean the stalls, clean the field, prepare the meals and help out in any other projects they were doing. It was alot of hard work, but I loved it and would still do it if my body could take it. It's always our first stop at the zoo. The bears are always fun to watch.

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They definitely perform for the tourists, and love to play in their pool. These shots look like they're out in the wild, wouldn't that be scary???

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They have a few wolves, they're hard to catch out in the open. The ocelot, a jungle cat. They have a birds of prey show that's really great.  I love to see them fly the birds, they do all kinds of tricks and are amazing to watch, it's also educational.

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A meerkat, they are just so cute. Busy all the time digging for food and living just like they would if they were wild. A male stands guard while the younger ones play and forage for food. The peacocks run wild around the zoo, left to their own devices they've breed quite nicely over the years and there's even a few albino ones. This male was showing off for us, they're just so beautiful, and he did the whole mating routine. Put up the tail, shake it, turn and shake it again, all the while calling to his mate.

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Ground hogs, very cute and pudgy. Always busy too, they're hard to catch sitting still. The wallabies were out in their yard, just caught them on the move to the other side. We went back to see the bears again before we left and they were still at it, playing and wrestling.

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