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Most of these next shots are with people from Farscape, Star Trek, Andromeda, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Babylon 5.


LuckyBillyDeeWilliams.jpg (40414 bytes)LuckyClaireAlti.jpg (32597 bytes)

This is Billy Dee Williams, he's from Star Wars and some other great Sci-Fi movies and TV. Not sure what show Claire Alti is on but she had some serious fun with my bill, I had to reapply my lipstick after that one.

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Some Farscape friends, Danielle and the dude who plays D'Argo, he was kind of scary.

LuckyGigi.jpg (48335 bytes)LuckyKentMcCord.jpg (51717 bytes)

More Farscape people, Gigi Edgely who plays Chianna, she's a very colorful lady, and Kent McCord who plays Chriton's dad.

LuckyKevinSorbo.jpg (53718 bytes)LuckyMarinaSirtis.jpg (53997 bytes)

I'm sure most of you recognize Hercules, oh I mean Kevin Sorbo, he's such a hunk, but the rabbit ears, dude I'm already wearing a silly hat!!!!! Ok, Star Trek, Next Generation, one of my faves, and she's shown up on Stargate SG-1 too, the lovely Marina Sirtis.

LuckyNicholasBrenden.jpg (63413 bytes)LuckyRichardBiggs.jpg (49564 bytes)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Nicholas Brenden, such a sweetheart, I was getting pretty comfy with him, if ya know what I mean!! ;)  Oh and Richard Biggs from Babylon 5, a great doctor and good kisser.

LuckyRobinAtkinDownes.jpg (45437 bytes)LuckyVirginiaHey.jpg (51287 bytes)

Now this hottie is Robin Atkin Downes from Babylon 5 as well, he played the head rebel telepath dude. I'm lovin the long hair, whhhhhhuuuuooooo!! And Virginia Hey from Farscape, she used to be blue on the show, glad she's looking a bit better these days.

Now that was just a small sample of who I've met, I'm sure there'll be lots more to come.

These next few pictures are from a trip we took to San Francisco.

LuckyLombardSt.jpg (59491 bytes)LuckyPaulGoldenGate.jpg (53434 bytes)

LuckyPipelinePaul.jpg (49647 bytes)


Now these next 2 shots are actually of my cousin Jester. He currently lives in Australia with Fiona. She takes him to lots of great places too. He hasn't met as many cool people as I have but she's working on it.

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