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Hi, I'm Lucky, and I get to travel all around the world with my friend Robin. I get pictures with lots of wonderful, fun and crazy people. I've been to lots of Sci-Fi conventions and really had fun with Robin and her friends Kim and Fiona at the last one. It was called Gatecon. It's a Stargate SG-1 convention and I had the chance to meet lots of fun people there.

I've met so many great people that I've decided to share all my pictures with all of you. I really hope you enjoy them!!!

Here's my shots from Gatecon, and if you're interested, here's the link to Kim's site that has all the pics from the con. Gatecon

Now, before we all met up at Gatecon, Robin, Fiona and I went up to Alaska and the Yukon Territories.

FiMomLuckyRobin.jpg (45039 bytes)

Robin dressed me up in my winter outfit, Fiona had made it for me for the Alaska trip. That's Fiona and Robin's mom, it's ladies night!!!

Lucky with Santa.jpg (61315 bytes)Lucky, Fi, Moose Totem.jpg (44952 bytes)

These are a few pics from our trip around Alaska. Santa and I, what a nice guy!!!! Here's Fiona with me and a huge Moose at the North Pole, really we were there, it was cold and the air was crisp, I was so glad Fiona had made me my wonderful jacket.

After Alaska, Robin and Fiona drove to meet Kim at the convention.

KimLuckyRobinSGC.jpg (41965 bytes)Luckyathelm.jpg (56176 bytes)

This first section is from the studio tour we went on.  I had fun playing on all the stuff.

LuckyrobinflyingX303.jpg (40290 bytes)LuckyrobinX303.jpg (56949 bytes)

Robin helped me play with all the buttons and turn the knobs, felt like I was really flying!!!

LuckyStargate.jpg (47826 bytes)Luckyturrets.jpg (76001 bytes)

That's the Stargate behind me, neat shot huh??? I'm manning the guns, watch out bad guys!!

LuckyAmanda.jpg (65499 bytes)LuckyCorin.jpg (55041 bytes)

Back at the con, got pictures with almost all the guests, only missed the crew and production team. I loved Amanda's smile, she's so pretty. Ya know, Corin has a pretty smile too, I mean nice and manly, really.

LuckyFrida.jpg (43537 bytes)luckyjr.jpg (45370 bytes)

They were all so nice and held me very gently. Frida's lei matched my feathers. JR's outfit matched mine too, he's so coordinated.

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