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Made with Real Stones, Swarovski Crystal, Czech Crystal, Pearls, Glass, Bone, Wood, Shell and Ceramic beads.

Wire Wrapped Pendants

These are mostly tumbled stones I wrapped with either Silver Plated, Copper, Brass, Bronze or other color coated copper wire. Just like Sterling Silver, copper and silver plated wire will tarnish so to keep it looking new put it in an air tight zip-lock bag and then store in your jewelry box. Also, some stones may lose their color in sunlight so when not wearing them, storing them away from direct sunlight is best.
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Wire Wrapped Pendants






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Item # 100991 Kingman Arizona Turquoise with Sterling Silver bead, Turquoise and seed beads.
L/W/D- 1 6/8"x6/8"x1/2"  Price- $25.00
Item # 20978 Rose Quartz with purple and lt. blue glass beads and seed beads.
L/W/D- 1 5/8"x1 1/8"x5/8"  Price- $15.00
Item # 30979 Rose Quartz with dark blue wire.
L/W/D- 1 7/8"x1"x1/2"  Price- $10.00
Item # 131080 Peacock Ore with Czech Crystals and seed beads with dangle.
L/W/D- 3 2/8"x1 3/8"x1/2"  Price- $30.00
Item # 141008 Peacock Ore with Czech Crystals, Glass and seed beads with dangle.
L/W/D- 3 2/8"x7/8"x1/2"  Price- $25.00
Item # 61070 Lavender/Pink/Grey/White Jasper, this can be worn on either side.
L/W/D- 1.5"x1 2/8"x2/8"  Price- $10.00
2nd side of Item # 61070 Item # 181022 Peacock Ore with turquoise wire.
L/W/D- 1.5"x1/2"x2/8"  Price- $10.00
Item # 191082 White Chalcedony W/ Quartz Crystals with Swarovski& Czech Crystals & seed beads. This stone is quite lovely, it's small crystals sparkle and it has a banded design.
L/W/D- 2 3/8"x1.5"x5/8"  Price- $25.00 
Item # 211031 Orange Aventurine with Czech Crystals and seed beads.
L/W/D- 1.5"x1"x6/8"  Price- $15.00
Item # 251043 Golden Rutilated Quartz stone with Brass wire.
L/W/D- 1 6/8"x6/8"x1/2"  Price- $12.00
Item # 261044 Golden Rutilated Quartz stone with Bronze wire.
L/W/D- 1.5"x6/8"x1/2"  Price- $12.00
Item # 340963 Sedona Red Rock with Arizona Turquoise in several different colors and Copper wire. This can be a window or tree ornament or a pendant.
L/W/D- 3"x1 1/2"x7/8"  Price- $30.00
Item # 281048 Pyrite with Bronze wire.
L/W/D- 1 3/8"x1"x3/8"  Price- $20.00
Item # 291051 Pyrite with Bronze wire and jump ring top.
L/W/D- 1 1/8"x6/8"x1/4"  Price- $20.00
Item # 431373 Arizona Petrified Wood with Bronze wire.
L/W/D- 2 2/8"x7/8"x3/4"  Price- $25.00
Item # 421371 Sodalite with Czech Crystal & Glass beads.
L/W/D- 2"x3/4"x5/8"  Price- $20.00
Item # 401369 Arizona Banded Agate with Agate bead.
L/W/D- 2"x1"x1/2"  Price- $15.00
Item # 441374 Botswana Jasper with Hematite beads & Bronze wire.
L/W/D- 1 3/4"x1"x3/8"  Price- $15.00
Item # 451376 Arizona Obsidian shard with Red wire. Stone has glassy sheen.
L/W/D- 2.5"x6/8"x1/4"  Price- $15.00
Item # 461377 Arizona Obsidian shard with green plastic coated wire. Stone has glassy sheen.
L/W/D- 1 7/8"x6/8"x1/2"  Price- $15.00
Item # 471378 Arizona Mahogany Arrowhead with dusty rose plastic coated  wire. Stone has high shine.
L/W/D- 2 3/4"x1/2"x1/4"  Price- $15.00
Item # 481382 Arizona Obsidian shard with seed beads and blue plastic coated wire. Stone has a matte finish.
L/W/D- 2 1/4"x7/8"x1/2"  Price- $20.00