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Made with Real Stones, Swarovski Crystal, Czech Crystal, Pearls, Glass, Bone, Wood, Shell and Ceramic beads.


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Custom Jewelry Information

I will try to explain all the different ways you can customize my jewelry. You can go extreme and design something yourself from what beads and stones I have in stock or you can do minor changes like adding an extra jump ring to the length. Pictures below will show you some options. On the Order Form you will see a place to describe in detail what changes you'd like to make. I will contact you by email to confirm the changes and discuss all the options you have. I will also send pictures by email so you can see the materials I'll use and the finished product before it ships so you know it's exactly what you wanted. Communication is key in custom work so never hesitate to drop me a line with questions, concerns or comments.

There will be additional charges for upgrades to Sterling Silver, Gold Plated and Copper findings. I will inform you of the costs before anything is done and I will always send pictures of the items before they are used to make sure it's what you want. If I don't have an item in stock and I have to order it, it will add extra time to the items completion date. I will keep you informed of wait times and do my best to get your item to you in a timely manner.

Depending on the amount of work I have to do to customize one of my pieces of jewelry there may be additional charges. Everything will be discussed beforehand so there are no surprises.

Length is determined by the full length including the clasp, I lay the item straight against a ruler, measuring tape or yard stick to determine my measurements. Exact measurements for Bracelets and Necklaces is important, but if you're not sure or you want it to be adjustable I can add several jump rings to the end of the clasp. For Toggle Clasps I need exact measurements, I can not make them adjustable.

There are a few local stores that I buy findings from but if they don't have what I need then I use Fire Mountain Gems online store to buy them. If I need to order something for you I will email you a link to the items you might like and you can choose from what they have to customize your piece of jewelry. If for some reason they don't have what we want I do have several other sites I can use.

Wire Wrapped Pendants-  I can not change the Wire Wrapped Pendants I have, but I can make you a custom piece from scratch. I have many great tumbled and polished stones that I can wrap for you. Or, if you have a rock you'd like wrapped, you can send me a picture of it and we can discuss options via e-mail. I have many different colors of wire and it can be plain wire or I can add beads of your choice.

Bracelets- You can design a piece from scratch from the beads I have in stock. Besides what beads and in what pattern, I would need to know the length, metal for the findings and clasp style. On my jewelry you can change the length, metal for the findings, clasp style and even bead arrangement. If I have to shorten the length I will do my best to keep the pattern the same and equal on both ends. To lengthen it I can either add jump rings at no charge or I can re-string it and add extra beads at an additional cost.

Earrings- For earrings I can make anything from scratch using beads I have or that I order for you. I can change the ear wire to a different metal and a different design. Choices would be Sterling Silver, Gold Plated, Copper and Surgical Steel. I can make it a post earring, lever back, or different style of hooked ear wire. I can also make a set that matches any of my bracelets or necklaces. 

Necklaces- I'm currently in the process of making some necklaces but they take up lots of beads so I'll only make a few examples. I'd rather save the beads for custom pieces. I can make a piece that matches any bracelet or earrings. Anything is possible!!!

The pictures below show examples of different kinds of Toggle Clasps and different colors of Lobster Claw Clasps. Which ever color you choose you will also get the same color Jump Rings. These Toggle Clasps are fancy, but I can also get some that are more plain. I can also get different Toggles in Gold Plate, Copper, Antique Gold and Antique Copper. The Toggle Clasps do come as a set, they are just held together by a jump ring so I know which ones go together.

About the pictures, they are taken very close up so you can see the detail, most marks, slight scratches and dimples are not really visible to the naked eye. The Silver Plated Toggles are Antiqued, meaning they have  black details on them.

Silver Plated 1 Silver Plated 2 Silver Plated 3 Silver Plated 4
Silver Plated 5 Silver Plated 6 Antique Copper Antique Gold
Gold Plated Gun Metal