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Made with Real Stones, Swarovski Crystal, Czech Crystal, Pearls, Glass, Bone, Wood, Shell and Ceramic beads.


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Here's a little bit about me...

HI, I'm Kim and I'm glad you stopped by. I started making jewelry when I was a kid, basically taking apart stuff I bought and changing it around. I also started collecting rocks, I even bought a rock tumbler so I could turn those basic rocks into shiny specimens that I was proud of. Many years later I decided to start doing wire wrapping so I could wear some of my cool tumbled stones. Now, I've branched out and I'm making all kinds of jewelry.

I'm very picky about what I use and I'm proud to say I don't use "fake" rocks in my creations. I use real stones, Swarovski Crystal, Czech Crystal, glass, bone, wood, shell and ceramic beads. I will on occasion use dyed stones because they're just so darn pretty, but I will always put that in the description of the piece.

When I think about the design of a piece of jewelry I tend to make what I would wear, so most of my jewelry is small, simple and elegant. When I go shopping I see lots of stuff I'd like if it were just a bit smaller or thinner, not quite as ornate or boldly colored. So, I figured why don't I just make my own jewelry. Soon, my friends and family were asking if I'd make them something, so off I went to the bead store, the crystal store, the rock store and more bead stores until I found what I was looking for. Once I got started I found I couldn't stop and suddenly I realized I had made enough jewelry to accessorize all my family and friends, so I thought maybe I should start selling it.

Most people like gold or silver, I've been told I can wear both, but I prefer silver so that's mostly what I use in my jewelry although I've recently started using copper as it's very popular in Arizona. Before I started making jewelry I always wished I could find someone to make exactly what I wanted, but that is almost impossible unless you want to pay big bucks for custom work. So, I decided to be that person, someone who would make jewelry that's customizable and affordable. I know I'm picky about what I like and what I'll wear so doing custom work seems to be a perfect fit for me.

I'm happy to customize my jewelry to your desire and make your dreams come true.

Please feel free to email me with any questions you have and I'll be more than happy to work with you to make the piece you'll be happy to show off to all your friends and family.

Email- kim_m_fox @ hotmail . com  ( Just take out the spaces )

I'm on Facebook!! I just started a new page where you can see the latest pieces and information on sales and discounts. Stop by often and see what's new!!