"The Immortal"

I had won a walk on part on this new TV series called "The Immortal" starring Lorenzo Lamas, at Gatecon 2000's charity auction. I was supposed to do it the day after the con was over, unfortunately they didn't have a part for me to do so instead Robin, Patti and I went to the sets of the day and just watched, then I went back two weeks later and filmed my part.

These are the pictures I took at the set the first day, unfortunately when I was back for my part I was so busy and it was a closed set so taking pictures wasn't a good idea. They were all so nice, and most of the people recognized me from the first time I was there, that was really nice too. I got to spend time and have lunch with April and Steve, the co-stars of the show, and got to talk with Lorenzo some more, although they did keep him under wraps most of the time.

Well, this is what happened the first day. It was on the beach they used in Stargate episodes, the bad guy, or girl as the case was, was trying to run over Rafe with her motorcycle, which would have rotating blades on it in the finished scene. They spent all day just getting that, with close ups and different angles. It was alot of work for one scene. It was incredibly interesting to watch what they had to go through to get it all done. Then after lunch they were done so we went to the next location at the Woodward's building, but it was really dark and they needed quiet and it was a closed set so I couldn't get any pictures. Oh well, that's where I met April and Steve anyway and that made it all worth while.

meapril.jpg (136072 bytes)

This is the one shot I got on my day working on the set. That's the co-star April Telek. The makeup girl did a good job for having to do like 25 extras in a short amount of time and she only had one assistant. There were two wardrobe girls and one hairstylist with an assistant. I was so surprised at how few people they had to take care of all the extras that day. We were supposed to be getting high on the zombified music they played in this nightclub called "Wired", the name of the episode. So we were all baby oiled and then they put glitter all over us to make us shine and look like ravers. They had girls with all kinds of funky wigs and hairstyles, like me, and all kinds of weird outfits. That's my own top and the leather pants were theirs, and tight too, I couldn't bend over or sit very well. I had to wear my own boots too, they were like 3 inch heels, and form fitting shiny leather looking kind of things, my feet hurt so bad by the end of the day, I couldn't feel my toes for 2 days. All in all I had a blast though. I got to eat lunch with the stars and hang out on set when others couldn't, I got put in lots of scenes, met lots of great people, and watched and laughed as all the other extras tried to be "the one" that would make it. 

mgmsign.jpg (44804 bytes)

I stayed in the hotel right across the street from the studio, and I saw the sign all lit up when I was coming back from my day on set and had to get a picture. It turned out well.

1.jpg (58859 bytes)2.jpg (46752 bytes)

These are from my first time visiting on set. Lorenzo's stunt double was sitting on the bike as they were getting the shot ready. The crew had to dig a path for a reinforcing mesh for the bike to drive on so it didn't get out of control.

3.jpg (55931 bytes)4.jpg (66066 bytes)

Shots of the beach and stuff for filming, boy they had alot of crap. The trailers for everyone were in the parking lot.

5.jpg (48269 bytes)6.jpg (60631 bytes)

Still working on the mesh. I couldn't get over how much his double looked like him, and he was really cute too.

7.jpg (53149 bytes)8.jpg (51600 bytes)

Lorenzo said he has used him for years, I can see why. They seemed to work well together.

9.jpg (96349 bytes)10.jpg (48476 bytes)

This is a nice close up of them together. Lorenzo getting a shot off at the bad guy driving towards him on the bike.

11.jpg (53009 bytes)12.jpg (54983 bytes)

Getting ready for work. They re-did their makeup constantly, that's the people standing with them.

13.jpg (54758 bytes)14.jpg (53666 bytes)

There's alot of waiting around on sets, it's always hurry up and wait. I certainly learned that on my day working on the show.

15.jpg (105971 bytes)16.jpg (55099 bytes)

Setting up for a close up of when he has to dive out of the way of the bike.

17.jpg (49524 bytes)18.jpg (57054 bytes)

Close up of the bike coming toward him. More makeup!!!!

19.jpg (48647 bytes)20.jpg (63128 bytes)

The guys watching the filming. It was a nice day and I loved being out there just being aloud to take pictures and talk to the guys every once in a while. The bike, you can see how they have the spikes mounted on the front above the wheel, on film there will be rotating blades digitally imposed on it. Cool!

21.jpg (56324 bytes)22.jpg (51405 bytes)

Had to get the chair, don't know who's it was, didn't have a name on it, wanted to sit in it but figured that might be pushing it. Lorenzo getting ready for a shot.

23.jpg (56046 bytes)24.jpg (55444 bytes)

Here he gets to try to shoot at the bad guy driving towards him, the gun did fire blanks, and scared me the first time they did it.

25.jpg (51513 bytes)26.jpg (58351 bytes)

Take 14, or something, let's try it this way, ok???!!!??? This time the stunt double is put in for the roll.

27.jpg (64564 bytes)28.jpg (54520 bytes)

The bike is prepared for the scene, the guys discuss what they'll do next.

29.jpg (52127 bytes)30.jpg (56666 bytes)

More close ups and more waiting. A fun day on set.

kimlorenzo.jpg (147661 bytes)melorenzo.jpg (110057 bytes)

At some point my contact for the show, Bill, said ok, it's time to meet Lorenzo, and brought us over to his trailer before he had been out on set. He came out and signed pictures for us, then had to finish his makeup and hair. When he came back out we got to get pictures with him and chat a little. Robin got some pics too, hers are the ones that are darker. He was very nice, and seemed very down to earth, we talked about normal everyday stuff, like where we were all from, why we were there, we even gave him directions for a wonderful drive down I-5 to LA where he had to be in a few weeks to leave for Europe to finish filming the show. Very cool guy.

kim2.jpg (146782 bytes)mesword.jpg (103208 bytes)

Then if that wasn't enough, we got to play with the sword from the show, now that was worth it, since both Robin and I collect swords, we loved posing with it, can you tell???? I don't think the stunt double liked us very much. Here's robin's shot next to mine, hers are a whole different color, strange.

kim1.jpg (141909 bytes)

The jacket made the look complete.

kimsword.jpg (90877 bytes)

My first pose, I was like ok, take the picture, then Robin egged me on, come on, work it girl!!!

pattisword.jpg (114628 bytes)

Patti got into it, he went that way.

pattiwithdouble.jpg (97711 bytes)

Then this just looked funny, he's standing on the sword, ok, we're weird.

robinsword.jpg (94061 bytes)

Robin's the pro, see how she holds it, like she actually means to use it on someone.

ganglorenzo.jpg (96248 bytes)group1.jpg (62524 bytes)

Group shot, smile, no, really, smile!!!!  We got our act together a few times, got some good shots, I was happy.

ganglorenzo1.jpg (96827 bytes)group2.jpg (102339 bytes)

After this many shots we were beginning to get tired, but then, someone made a joke and we laughed again.

woodwardbuilding.jpg (62843 bytes)wood1.jpg (59331 bytes)

This is all I got of the second location. This was for the last episode I believe so they told me not to put these pics out till the show had aired.

Well, I thank everyone again for letting me do the episode, I really had a great time. It was very cool of them to let me be in it as much as I was and I owe that to April because she told them to put me in that episode. She was incredible for doing that for me, I love her!!!

Well, that's it. See you around the Kraft service table.

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