MS Veendam

Holland America Cruise Line

November 3rd to 10th, 2000

Southern Caribbean

memomboat.jpg (21289 bytes)

I liked this picture of mom and I, we're in Barbados on a wonderful catamaran.

So, this trip was just mom and I, it was in november, so I thought it would be cold, well, it was a few days, but we had some excellent weather too. We left from Puerto Rico, that was different, and we hit more islands than I thought possible on such a short trip. First was the Dominican Republic, then Barbados, Martinique, St Maarten/St. Martin, St John, and finally St. Thomas, then back to Puerto Rico. Oh first off, the flight, boy was that fun. The cruise had booked my flight so they were responsible to wait for me and all the other people that were coming in on that flight. It was late, very late. The ship actually waited for about 30 of us to arrive, we were about 2 hours late. So, by the time we got there, everyone had settled in, eaten dinner, and gotten their bags. It was about 10pm when I finally made it to the cabin, and got to relax a second before going out and trying to find mom in the dinning room where she was waiting for me. I had no bags yet and couldn't change, so I was hot and sticky from the flight and the heat and humidity in P.R.. No biggie though, I went to dinner in my jeans and t-shirt, had some good food, met our dinning companions, wonderful people, and tried to relax.   After dinner, I took a tour of the ship, got to know where things were, found "The Crow's Nest", the nightclub, and had fun the rest of the night.

puertorico.jpg (20485 bytes)pr1.jpg (20528 bytes)

This is Puerto Rico, we didn't get many good shots because when I came in it was dark out, and on the way back in at the end I was not awake enough to get pictures.

So, now on to the Domincan Republic....


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