Norwegian Sun

March 22-28, 2003

Western Caribbean, Central America

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Travel plans.

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Thought I'd add this since it's just cool.

We got there Friday night and stayed in a hotel and got to the pier pretty early Saturday morning. Now this was a long time ago and I've forgotten alot of what happened so bear with me. I think we'll just be enjoying the pictures a bit more and having less commentary.

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We made our own boarding pictures. Mom saw this sign and thought it was perfect so we stood and took pictures of each other.

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Then someone asked if we'd like a picture together so we did it. I think it turned out well and is more fun then the ships pictures.

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Once we got on board and were on our way, I took some pictures of the surrounding area. It's just so colorful and pretty.

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Ok, see that dark spot on the right? It's not a flying saucer, it a bug. A dragonfly I believe.

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Then all of a sudden hundreds of them started appearing. They flew right next to the ship whizzing past us and they were big too. There's more in this picture, you can see 3 of them. But trust me at one point mom and I ran into the room cause there were so many.

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I thought these clouds were interesting, kind of pretty.

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From our balcony. As we left it got more cloudy and windy and started to rain.We tried to get a few pics before it got too bad.

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My hair was a goner. Oh well, it was fun. You have no idea how many times we took this self portrait till we got it right.

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We got a rainbow almost right away, very cool, even though it didn't show up great in the picture it was very pretty. The first night is always very casual. We went to dinner then walked the ship a bit to get the lay of the land so to speak.

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This is the statue outside of the dinning room, I call it, Seagulls in Flight.

This is how I'm doing the pages this time. I may have several pages for each day but I'll only have the day listed at the bottom of the page. If there's more than one page for the day, I'll have the link for that next page at the bottom as well. So just click along to each page and then the next day when you're done. Use your back key if you need to return to a previous page. It'll make sense, trust me, I'm a professional.

Moving on to Sunday, day 2, at sea.

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