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March 7-17th, 2002

Oahu and Hawaiian cruise

Aloha, and welcome to my 8th cruise. This trip was our first out of the Caribbean in a long time. We went 3 days early to enjoy the island of Oahu before we left on the cruise. We stayed at the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel, it was very nice and had lots to do and it was literally right on the beach which was very cool. We could see Diamond head right from the back of the hotel, or from any place along the beach, it was huge and stuck out in the flat beach area. We flew into Honolulu at night and got to see all the lights from the cities sparkling like diamonds on the water. The cities lined the beaches and went up the mountains in lines from there, it was just beautiful. When we landed it decided to rain but was still quite warm, it was nice being in warm rain for a change. We got the shuttle to the hotel in Waikiki and decided to get room service for dinner and then go to bed early, we had an early tour the next day and needed our rest.

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This picture says it all!!!!!!!!

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Here's where we were. Started at Oahu, went to Hawaii, the Fanning Islands, they're about 1000 miles south west of the islands, Maui, Kauai then back to Oahu.

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Mom and I arrive at the airport in Honolulu on Oahu Thursday March 7th. ALOOOOOOOOHA!!!!!

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Our photo from the Luau at Paradise Cove. Just wanted to show you what's to come. The guy was gorgeous, he was a tattoo artist, dancer, and all around entertainer in the luau. It was alot of fun!!!

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