Golden Princess

Princess Cruise Line

December 14-22, 2001

Eastern Caribbean and Bahamas

Well, this makes cruise #3 this year. And what a year it was. This cruise was done last minute. Mom was supposed to go with her mother and aunts but after September 11, they didn't feel like traveling. So, I went instead and we had a really great time. Here's maps of where we were. I've been here before, the only new spot was the private island of Princess Cay.

Here's a few specs for the ship. Gross tonnage-109000. Net tonnage-71763. Length overall-951 feet. Breadth-118 feet. Fuel capacity-2649 tons. Fresh water capacity-2731 tons. Normal passenger capacity-2600. Normal crew capacity-1150. Cruising speed-22.5 knots. Built-2001. Port of Registry-Hamilton.

islands.jpg (13493 bytes)

This is just a nice pic of the whole area, sorry you can't read it.

stmartin.jpg (19842 bytes)

My favorite place in the whole world.

stthomas.jpg (64798 bytes)

We had better weather here this time.

cays.jpg (15797 bytes)

The new stop for me on the cruise. Princess Cay is part of Eleuthera island in the Bahamas. It's about 100 miles long and averages 2 miles wide. The weather was cloudy and got worse in the late afternoon. We actually got to stay longer than planned which was nice but when it got cold and windy everyone wanted to go.

Well, hope you're ready, grab your sunblock, your sandals, a towel and a bathing suit cause here we go........

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