La Femme Nikita Cruise


Carnival Cruise Line

January 23-27, 2002

Nassau, Bahamas

Here we are again, back on another cruise. How many do I take a year you ask, ALOT. Well, this one was different. This was a convention, a "La Femme Nikita" convention. Both my mom and Robin did not come so I was on my own mostly. I of course had other friends aboard and made new friends as well. I got some pics but not as many as usual, I had more fun just doing stuff this trip. I also took video on this cruise with mom's camera she's lent me for a while. Thanks mom!! So, these are all my pictures, there's no video, sorry.

I start us at the hotel party the day before the cruise starts. Most of us arrived a day early to be able to relax and hang out together.

hotelparty.jpg (9728 bytes)hp2.jpg (10844 bytes)hp3.jpg (12465 bytes)

I got in late and met up with my roommates who were headed out to do some shopping before heading over to the other hotel where the party was going on. I met up with other friends and we walked over to the hotel together and joined in the festivities. Don was there surrounded by everyone. I said HI to everyone and made my way over to him. He gave me a big hug and then we sat and talked a bit. I introduced him to my friends and they chatted a while too. We all ate, drank and had a great time. The last picture is l-r, Barbara, Enid (one of my roomies) and Dan.

donlaugh.jpg (13403 bytes)dontalk.jpg (10793 bytes)dondrive.jpg (15561 bytes)

Next day, cruise day!!!!! We all took the shuttles to the port and got on board. It took a while but we all made it. After everyone was on board Jeana had Don scheduled to give a reading of some poetry or whatever he wanted. He talked a long time and waited till most of us made it in, some people came in late, but we had a nice group. Everyone had been getting lunch at the buffet. Anyway, Don is Don, he talked, told stories, made us laugh and laugh, got serious and made us wonder. He finally read us his book, a book he wrote with his wife before they got married, on their way to be married actually. It was amazing. I believe it was all gotten on video and anyone who loves Don should see and hear it, it's his heart and soul on paper. He's so inspiring and wise beyond words, a look can tell me what he's thinking and a touch tells me all I need to know. We sat in this great lounge, it was all Egyptian, gorgeous setting for the timeless tales of Don Franks. At the end of the reading he signed some autographs, he's playing around at the table pretending it's a steering wheel, he's a 70 year old teenager.

backdeck.jpg (8349 bytes)birds.jpg (11011 bytes)kimdrink.jpg (16645 bytes)

After the reading we were free to do whatever we wanted until the cocktail party later that night. Enid and I went up on deck to the back and got some drinks, found some lounge chairs, got some pictures, and watched us leave port. It was a little windy!!!!!!!!

sunset.jpg (12889 bytes)kimanna.jpg (19565 bytes)

It was a nice sunset. There's a seagull in the reflection of the sun on the water, good timing huh??? Then this is Anna and I at the cocktail party. Everyone dressed up a little and we got free drinks for an hour or so. Don mingled with everyone and fun was had by all.

party1.jpg (11394 bytes)party2.jpg (18352 bytes)

Ok, sorry I don't remember names, I'm so bad at that, I really hate that I can't remember everyone, I suck, anyway, sue me later, ok. If you see yourself in a picture and would like me to put your name up please email me and I'll change it. The red dress is from Charity, the chick in it is wonderfully sweet girl I met and hung out with a bit. Wish I could remember your name, I swear slap me the next time you see me ok. Ooooh, ok, Dan just emailed and said your name is Holly Henderson AKA Nahla. I sure hope he's right or he's gonna be cancelled. Thanks Dan!! :)

clubgroup.jpg (19214 bytes)

Another great group of friends!!!!

kimdon.jpg (19887 bytes)kimdon2.jpg (29598 bytes)

Don and I having a moment. I love his sweater. After this we went to dinner and had a great meal then we all went out dancing at the same nightclub. I met this group of guys and girls and ended up hanging out with them towards the end of the night after most everyone else had gone to bed. You know me, night owl, so we closed the place down and decided to get together tomorrow on Nassau. It turned out one of the guys had lived there so he knew where to go and stuff, so he became our tour guide.

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