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January 29th-February 7th, 2000

Mexican Riviera

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This is the map of our journey through the Mexican Riviera. We left Los Angeles around 4pm on Sunday, had two wonderful days out at sea going to Puerto Vallarta on Wednesday, then Mazatlan on Thursday and finally Cabo San Lucas Friday. After another day at sea we made it back to LA Sunday morning around 9am.

Now we're going back in time for me a bit, it's getting harder and harder to remember all the events that took place, so we'll get more vague as we go back in time.

On this trip it was mom, me and my aunt Gail, my dad's sister. We start on Saturday, we arrived a day early just in case, great idea for anyone who cruises!! We had time to go shopping, get a great dinner, and then we relaxed the rest of the night.

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This is us at the hotel the day before the cruise, just chillin' in our room, relaxing. Don't know what I was smiling at, just ignore me.

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This is Gail at the airport waiting for the shuttle to take us to the hotel. That night we went to a middle eastern restaurant for dinner, wow was that exciting. These were the belly dancers, there was a tarot card reader and the meal itself was incredible. It was like 8 courses or something and that's the only way they served the dinners, there was no small meal. They did all kinds of cool stuff like washing your hands off in rose water in between courses and pouring the tea in your cup from a standing position, your sitting close to the floor, so it was a long drop. Anyway, it was the coolest place, I'd go there again, definitely.

dancer3.jpg (27727 bytes)mandance.jpg (20931 bytes)

Their show was great, the guy was fantastic too. At the end they brought up people from the audience to dance with them, of course I got up and danced. No pictures though, I looked bad!!!!!!!!!! Not the dancing, just what I was wearing and the way the pics turned out made me look like a chicken.

cardock.jpg (15712 bytes)

Sunday, at the dock, we were waiting in line to check in, really long line, and started to get bored, so we took pictures of strange things. I thought this car was cool.

gailmemom.jpg (69847 bytes)

This is the pic they took of us as we boarded the ship, it shows our time of arrival and dates our trip for us, cool!

room1.jpg (25031 bytes)

This is our room,  mom said it's a suite, I said it was very cool, we had a balcony, 2 twin beds and a couch that folded out to a double bed with more chairs and tables too. There was a divider between the beds and the couch where I slept, it helped to cut down the noise I made when I came in late from dancing all night. As usual it's messy, one of these days we'll get a picture of the room before we settle into it.

room2.jpg (24248 bytes)room3.jpg (30937 bytes)

Gail sitting in front of the door to the balcony, my side of the couch where the bed is and you can barely see the TV stand and cabinets. We had a mini-bar and small fridge. The rest of the couch and more mess, what do you expect from 3 women on a party cruise?

atrium.jpg (27629 bytes)atrium2.jpg (25925 bytes)

These next few pics are all inside the ship, around the atrium, it was very cool, from the bottom you could see up like 5 decks or something. It was all very elegant, all lit up especially at night. This was the piano bar at the bottom by the stairs, cool place to catch a drink on the run, hang a minute and hear some sweet tunes, or watch what's on TV, whatever floats your boat, so to speak. :}

atrium3.jpg (25428 bytes)decks.jpg (30015 bytes)

This first one is a view of the elevators and some of the decks, the elevators are on the outsides of the tower and they were see-thru too, very cool, loved watchin' stuff go by. The next one is just a shot of the decks during the day.

elevators.jpg (31454 bytes)gailpirate.jpg (22105 bytes)

This is a better view of the elevators, you can kind of see the roof too. Here's Gail at dinner, I think it was the first night, they had a pirate going around to everyone to get pictures. They love those picture opportunities, it's all to get you to buy the photos and spend more money. But if they turn out good at least you do get the chance to get some nice pictures to take home with you to remember all the fun you had. We did buy lots of photos this trip actually, but I need to scan them in so it'll be a while.  

christroy.jpg (80468 bytes)

Chris and Troy our dinner companions.

megaildinner.jpg (23653 bytes)memomdinner.jpg (33205 bytes)

This is our try at photos during dinner, we suck don't we??!!!??? Ok,so I look bad in one and look pale as usual, and mom was talking in hers. If you notice, our hair is 3 shades of red from me being darkest, mom in the middle and Gail's the lightest. How funny is that, the 3 red-heads.

Now on to Monday.....

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