Photo Ops, Autographs and other various things I got at the con.

I had Teryl sign the top 2 photos, Michael sign his photo and a t-shirt I bought and Torri signed the Atlantis shot. I already had Rachel and Joe's autograph on it.

I saw this photo of Jason Momoa at one of the dealer's tables and just had to buy it, the autograph was just a plus. I had David sign this photo of his character and my Stargate shirt and the photo of his brother that Jason Schombing took and gave to me and signed for me. I thought it would be cute to have David sign it and then I thought it would be even cuter to have it be in the picture I got with him. 

So, here's the photo and our picture.

A little bit better shot of our photo. He said we should point to it and do a cheesy grin, I tried but was just too happy to be there so I did the pointy thing. He was absolutely hysterical and asked how I got the photo and then how I knew Jason and we went on for a minute or so then the security people made me move on. It was alot of fun though. And because of that, when I was hanging out just waiting for friends, he was walking by and stopped to talk to me more about Jason and cons in general. It was very cool. He was really nice. 

These next few shots are just photos I bought for future purposes if I ever get to see any of these guys. This is, from L to R, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles from Supernatural and Tom Welling from Smallville. 

I love a guy in a cowboy hat. Jensen with a cheesy grin, too cute.

Justin Hartley, another hottie from Smallville. This photo of Johnny Depp was another one of those, gotta have it, moments, great shot and autograhed too, can't lose.

I still have to get 2 photos from creation. The one with me and Cliff Simon and Michael Shanks and Me with Rachel Luttrell. Once I have those my collection will be complete. Don't hold your breath, creation takes forever to mail stuff to ya. So, enjoy and keep checking back, there's more to come.

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