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Sunday continued

Rachel and Torri continued.
A fan gave Rachel a pair of the sticks she uses on the show and asked if she'd show us a few moves. Rachel had a fight scene coming up and figured she'd go over it for practice with us. It was cool watching her do the moves and I can imagine how the scene will look when it's filmed full speed.

This is Torri's dog, don't know his name but I guess he's been on the show and is getting other work on tv too.

He sat next to Torri during her autograph session and was a little freaked out by all the people so she asked everyone not to disturb him. I got my autographs and then it was time to relax, have some dinner and pack up to go home. I hung out with friends and then made the trek back home late at night. The border crossing was easy that late and strangely the guy didn't know what Stargate was. He had asked why I was in Canada and I said for a Stargate Convention. When he didn't know what that was I just about fainted, how can he not know???? Anyway I held back the urge to show him everything I brought back so he'd have a better understanding of what the show was about, good thing too, I still had a few bottles of alcohol in my trunk. Party on Dudes!!!!

See ya at the next con!! Later!!!

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