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Sunday March 25th

Oops, forgot about these photos. This is Nicole, me and Donna on Saturday while we were standing in line for the photo ops. We met at Dan's lunch and had talked on his list but hadn't met before this con. We hit it off and hung out alot during the rest of the con. Very cool chicks!!

Same photo with flash.

Rachel Luttrell and Torri Higginson's panel. I had never seen them before so it was interesting to see them for the first time. They were fun and a bit silly and really tried to answer the questions posed to them without getting too far off topic.

For some reason clog dancing and that fast stepping Riverdance style was brought up I think because of Torri's background, anyway, she was asked if she knew it and I think she knew of it but didn't really do it. Someone in the audience said they did and she asked her if she'd come up on stage and do it for them. She did and here she is showing off her moves.

Got her mid air, cool.

They were both given mugs from a fan and then Torri was given a portrait of herself by a fan, it was pretty good too.

There's more of the panel to come, go to page 6.

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