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Saturday Continued

Enjoy more photos of the panel.

This is where Teryl does her Cabaret routine again for the guy who missed it. Basically she sings "Big Spender" to him while he pretends to be a big spender who's drunk. She dances around him and teases him and tries to get him to dance with her, it's usually quite funny. This time was no exception. 


The guy gets hugs for being a good sport and the crowd applauds.

It's time for them to go, you can see how disappointed they are, they would stay all day if they could.

The signing of the banners and they're off.

This is me, of course, back in the room, relaxing after the days events. It was a long day but then again I didn't do anything at night but chill out in the restaurant for a while and have a few drinks with some friends.

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