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Saturday continued

Enjoy the photos.

Ok, here's the scoop, earlier that day Steve Bacic was on stage and he was talked into taking his shirt off to raise money for the con's charity. So, he took his shirt off and everyone in the audience pitched in a few bucks towards the charity. I believe he walked around for a while strutting his stuff until the money was collected.

So, shortly after their panel started Cliff was asked to do the same thing. Cliff wasn't threatened and started his strut.
 Then he disappeared a second and Teryl took off into the audience to collect money. Carmen teased us for a while pretending he was going to take his shirt off but didn't at first.

Cliff showing it all off, Teryl's in the audience admiring the scenery.

Carmen sat back down while Cliff got the people to donate more money.

Cliff finally getting Carmen to take it off.

Carmen showing off.

Not bad for an older guy!!! Cliff's feeling a bit shown up.

They had fun and the cameras didn't stop clicking away.

Teryl ran out of space to hold the money so she started putting it in her bra.

The guys put their shirts back on and sat back down while Teryl did all the work.

Teryl finally saw them sitting there and told them to take their shirts off until she was done but they didn't. Finally Cliff got up and helped collect money in the audience.

Finally back on stage she started to pull the money out from her bra.

Carmen decided to help.

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