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Saturday  March 24th

A prop from Stargate SG1.

Thanatos's new tattoo, can I just say WOW!!!!!

The old one I love, I'd get this one too except for the whole I hate needles thing.

This is the Dan Payne, Alex Zahara fan club gathering group. There were a few other people there but they left before we took the group shot. I'm only missing one name, when I get it I'll add it on. So, from the front L to R- Anne and Lex, 2nd row- Vicki, Nicole, Donna, Thanatos, Alex, Me, Jessica, in back- Dan.

Dan and I, you're too tall dude!!! It's a great shot though, thanks Stu!!!

Here's Stu with the guys, he was the one taking the pictures.

Me and Alex, what a sweetie. The gathering was alot of fun and Alex was a surprise guest. I helped Dan set it up and made sure everyone knew time and place. We had food, drinks and wonderful stories from the guys on current projects, conventions and lots of other stuff I won't go into now. Ok, one hint, picture Dan in his new Mini Cooper car, coming soon.

We all made it back into the con to watch David Hewlett, Jane Loughman and John Lenic's panel on their new movie A Dog's Breakfast. Now I've never seen David before so it was odd seeing him there to talk about his movie and not Atlantis. But he was still quite funny and very interesting.

All the guests had to sign the banners before they leave the stage and they're auctioned off during the con.

Next panel, Carmen Argenziano, Terly Rothery and Cliff Simon

I of course know Teryl quite well after all these years and I met Cliff last year, but Carmen was a new one to me so it was very cool getting to see him.

They posed for photos so everyone could get a nice shot of them.

Then the questions begin.

Teryl is always funny and Cliff is a natural and will work off anyone. Carmen held his own and joked around with them perfectly. He was very animated and laughed alot.

Teryl is the queen of cons, she can entertain an audience all day. She is never dull, very very animated and has a different voice for all her many characters. She sang for us and did her little Caberet routine for a guy that missed it. Everyone loves to see her and the guys had a hard time getting a word in at times.

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