Creation's Stargate SG1/Atlantis Convention, Vancouver, BC Canada

March 23 -25 2007

Here's a list of guests in order of appearance, Garry Chalk, Bruce Woloshyn, Thor and Morris Chapdelaine, John Bolton, Andee Frizzell, Don Davis, Sabine C. Bauer, Steve Bacic, Rob Cooper, N. John Smith, David Hewlett, Jane Loughman, John Lenic, Teryl Rothery, Carmen Argenziano, Cliff Simon, David Deluise, Michael Shanks, Dan Shea, Jonathan & Shirley Hill, Torri Higginson and Rachel Luttrell. Also Dan Payne and Alex Zahara were there for a fan club gathering. They did make a surprise appearance on stage for a minute after our lunch to say HI to all the fans.

If you'd like to see some of the photo ops I did and autographs I got click here.

Well, I made it to the con this year as a last minute thing and had alot of fun. I missed alot of stuff for one reason or another but enjoy the photos I did get and some stories of what I remember. I won't go into great detail as it was your typical Creation con, Panels, Autographs and Photo Ops all going on at the same time. Dealer's room and Prop and Costume Museum, evening parties for gold ticket holders, (not me) and loaction and studio tours. I didn't get to do any of the con tours but I did get one very special tour, I got to see Rainmaker studios. Bruce Woloshyn was was gracious enough to show a few of us around the digital effects studio and it was amazing.

Let's start with those photos. 

It was a big building, about 2 floors or 3 floors high and the basement was a parking area. If you've ever seen a behind the scenes making of digital studio type thing, this was it. They had all the editing suites, film printing and copying, special effects rooms, tranfer rooms, hubs were everything passed through and was kept in order. There were lots of offices and they even their own theater so they could watch what they had made.This is a machine for working on film.  

Another view.

More film processing equipment.

An older machine to view film and edit it.

An old projector.

More film editing machines, very expensive machines.

Very expensive machines.

Bruce in the theater, great acoustics and comfy seats.

Looking back up to the projector area.

The logo, had to get a shot of it.

Then Bruce said we should get our pictures by it, so we all took turns.

My friend Stu Johnson, posing like a movie star.
Put your hand here.

They had posters all over the walls of everything that they worked on so Stu posed next to the SG1 poster.

This room had several machines that would allow you to watch what you were editing while copying it on to film, I think. So much technology, too much to remember.

Lots of little boxes with blinky lights. And lots and lots of cable.

Bruce did an excellent job of explaining everything, I should have been videotaping it.

This was the main hub, he said everything they worked on went through this room.

The whole floor was removable and all the cabling was under it.

When they ran out of room under the floor they had to go overhead, hence the support structure on the ceiling. I love the nickname for it.

In the library they had all the original masters and copies of everything they worked on. The shelves slid back and forth so they could get to everything and the boards has lists of what was in each area.

Bruce was kind enough to let us all hold the original master copy of Children of the Gods Part 1. This is it man, the big time, the mother load, the big enchilada, IT.

Stu had forgotten his camera so I took pics of him for him, so here ya go man, your moment.

Close up of the episode.

More boards of what they have there.

Bruce explaining the different kinds of tapes they use.

Not sure but I think this is an Atlantis episode "Rising".

The Atlantis section.

Storage of tape stock.

More cabling on the ceiling.

One of Bruce's goals is to see a shuttle launch. This was made for an episode and he kept the model and hung it upside down in the one bigger area.

 The main logo when you go in the front door.

That's it, there was much more but I was having fun looking around and not taking pictures.

For those that missed it above, here's a page to see the photo ops I got and some of the stuff I got autographed and some other stuff I bought. Click Here

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