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First here's a few shots of the nice room I got on Saturday night.

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After lunch both Roberts were up, that is Robert Beltran and Robert Picardo.

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Robert Beltran played Chakotay on Voyager, and he was still looking pretty hot.

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He was funny and being quite casual with the audience.

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When someone said he was looking good he started posing and acting all sexy. Then he laughed and politely thanked her.

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He joked alot but answered questions honestly.

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He said he didn't do many practical jokes on set but loved watching the other guys go at it.

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A bit of attitude, can you hear the Italian New Yorker accent?????

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Being told his time was up and Robert Picardo was up next. Picardo asked him to stay a bit and help him auction off a few things for his charity.

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A hat signed by everyone from Voyager, and yes Beltran did put in on for a minute.

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A daily call sheet and photo from an episode.

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Then he broke into song and we enjoyed every minute of it.

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When his panel was done they did autographs and played a few more videos. After the autographs were over they did photo ops with the rest of the guests.

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I hadn't bought tickets for any of the photo ops but after seeing Beltran's panel my friend Tonya and I decided to go and get pics with him. So, we bought our tickets and figured we had some time to waste until they started. Well, it turns out that the autographs went faster then they expected and we missed the announcement that the photo ops were starting early. Luckily we saw Picardo walking around and knew he was supposed to be doing his PO so we asked what was happening and they told us the POs started early and Beltran was doing his right then. So, we booked on over, freshened up quickly and got in the very short line. There were only 13 people getting pictures and we were last. I joked that instead of sitting in a chair beside him I wanted to be closer. The first time I got a photo op it was with James Marsters and they had a couch for him. So, I wanted my money's worth and just sitting next to him wasn't gonna cut it. Well, Tonya dared me to sit on his lap, then she double dog dared me, and well, I knew I had to do it, or at least try. So, when we got in the room and it was our turn she made me go first. I walked up, said hi and said something like I have to tell you it's all her fault and I sat in his lap. Then after the initial shock wore off and he stopped laughing I asked if it was ok and he said it was fine. I said Tonya double dog dared me and I always take a dare. He didn't seem to mind at all as the camera had to be repositioned for the shot and we just got comfy and talked a bit. We smiled and the picture came out nicely except for that weird orange spot on his eyebrow. Then it was Tonya's turn but she didn't sit on his lap. I waited for her and enjoyed the bit of conversation we all had. Since we were last there was no hurry and everyone took their time.

That was pretty much it for the con so we sat at the tables outside of the elevators to take a break. Then Robert came out and was being taken to his room, I think his flight left that night. As he walked by he stopped and said good bye and thanked us for the fun and for coming. After he went upstairs we got to talking to some of the other people that were sitting around us and we discovered that there were 2 ladies waiting to get their pictures with him still. They hadn't heard the announcement either and he had finished so early that according to the itinerary he wasn't even supposed to be starting the PO yet. So, we grabbed one of the organizers and told them what happened and they brought Robert back down and he did the photos and then he waited with us while they checked to see if there was anyone else who didn't get their pics yet. So we got to talk to him some more which was nice. Finally after they were all done he left and we decided to go to the lounge. We met up with some other fans and had a few drinks, snacks and just relaxed.

It was a great weekend and I really enjoyed myself. I'm looking forward to next year so see ya then!!!

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