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They had the costume contest that afternoon and I just had to get pictures with these guys, they all looked so good.

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You know me, I always try to get more than one shot to make sure they come out. I always think I blink, I usually don't, but it's fun to get more than one pic just in case.

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This guy actually had a gadget that would scream like the one in the movies. It was kind of annoying but definitely added something to the costume. It's mouth moved and the gun on his shoulder moved. I couldn't believe this costume, it was like the real thing.

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I actually missed the contest so don't know who won, but I think they all did a great job.

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The wonderful Peter Mayhew, Chewbacca from the Star Wars films. He was a very interesting guy. I told him how my husband keeps trying to sound like Chewie but just can't get it. He told me the story of the bear they used and the sound effects that made his unique sound. The bear died and had a full write up in the town's newspaper. It was a big deal. They used some of his real voice and synthesized the bear together with it to make the Wookie language.

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They started Sunday off with the group panel. Martin, Scott, Greg, Peter and Bobby. This gives you some idea of how tall Peter is. Greg was pretty tall too, but Peter takes the cake.

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Bobby was really funny. He'd done alot of TV and movies in his life, mostly westerns so when he did Star Trek it was only because his friend that worked on the show said they needed him to do a part. He took it without even knowing what it was. He was surprised to see what he was dressed up as but had fun doing it. He explained how long it took to get the suit on and how annoying it was not being able to go to the bathroom or eat. He could only drink through a straw.

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Here Scott explains one of his costumes. I'll just leave it up to your imagination.

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Scott's been in every Star Trek series except the original.

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Greg had some great stories and has done lots of non-scifi shows. I had actually forgotten a few of them till I saw the photos he had for sale of him from all the different shows.

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Bobby had everyone laughing every time he got the microphone. He was very animated and explained everything in detail.

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The questions were great and each guy really had a chance to talk and answer questions they way they wanted to. It was pretty slow on Sunday so they were on for quite a while.

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After the panel they showed more videos, did photo ops and had intermission for lunch.

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