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I got autographs from Tim, Ethan and Amanda. Then we got a break for dinner. After that we had the dessert party. It was nice cause just about all the guests came. The only bad part was the dessert part was only ice cream, and I don't eat dairy, so, I was kind of out of luck there. But I had fun anyway. I didn't take many pictures as it was just mingling and chatting with the guest and fans.

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At 7:30 they started the Theatre Night with the Voyager Vaudeville Show. First Robert Picardo came out and sang a few of his songs for us. He does comedy spoofs to old songs about Voyager. The one that comes to mind is sung to the theme from the Love Boat and is called the Borg Queen. He's a talented guy and comes up with some great stuff.

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Then he started the play with Ethan. They basically read a story about Neelix and the Doctor from Voyager. It takes place in the future, well, of course we all know that, but after the show ends.

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Neelix is on his home planet with his family and the Doctor comes to visit him. I think Neelix was writing a cook book and he was looking for more recipes. Then one of his children gets sick and the Doctor comes to the rescue.

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Sometimes Ethan would ad lib a line or two and Robert would just stop and look at his script and look at Ethan and they'd go into a conversation about not doing that and how Ethan just needs to stick to the story.

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Then Robert did it to get back at Ethan for doing it so many times. It was really funny and they had great comebacks to each other.

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Besides the lines they read, they did movements to some of the things they did to give us more of an idea of what they were doing. That cracked me up the most. One guy would do a movement and the other would start, then the first would stop, then they'd both do it again. Ethan kept doing sound effects to whatever the Doctor did, that was hysterical.

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Then after the they were done with the story Robert did a few more songs for us.

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Then Tim came on and he sang a few songs for us. They played back his music and he played guitar and sang. He was really good, I was surprised. Guess you don't think of Vulcans as having good singing voices. :)

Finally the dessert party.

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Amanda met Greg and she was so funny, I guess she used to have a crush on him. Well, from the way she acted, I think she still did. She was acting like a teenager pointing and whispering, "that's Greg Evigan". It was hysterical. So, after they were introduced and got to chat a bit someone asked if they could get a picture of them together and she was like, Oh yeah. After that a bunch of people got pictures of them and she asked them if she could get copies. So, I had to join in and get a few pics myself.

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Then a few people got pics with them and when it came to my turn I wanted to make a Greg sandwich instead of being in the middle. Greg kept talking and it was hard to get the picture.

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He was really funny and had both Amanda and myself laughing. She was actually really interested in getting him on the show. She joked that maybe he could be her new boyfriend. She'd just get her current one killed off as it wouldn't be hard to do and he could come in and sweep her off her feet. I'd love to see that.

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A random shot of the crowd mingling.

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Near the end they asked if they could get a group shot. So, all the guest that were left got together and the fans lined up in front of them and started taking pictures. Wtih all the cameras they didn't know which way to look so they started looking one way and just moved slowly around the room so the faced everyone.

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There's Greg talking again. Notice how Amanda's still next to Greg. She LLLIIIKKKEEESSS him. :)

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Then a few fans jumped in the picture and the flashes continued.

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Well, I kept taking pics as I had no idea what was coming out. I was so glad to see they all came out ok. Party on!!!

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