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Yet More Amanda

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Ok, this was when she just came on. You can see the picture of the Voyager crew still on the screen.

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Ignore the shiny eyes, she's not a Goa'uld.

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Trying to control her hands. She has the best smile, seriously.

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The end. Oh, she got to go longer than expected because Peter Mayhew didn't do his panel. He had problems with his luggage and had to handle that first. He did the panel on Sunday with the other guys. Anyway, we had an excellent time with her and she enjoyed every minute. A bow to the audience and she was off.

Next up was Tim Russ and Ethan Phillips.

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It was pretty funny, Tim had hurt his right leg and was in a cast, and Ethan hurt his right arm and was in a cast. They made some kind of joke about it and then went on with the panel.

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Ethan's a great storyteller and he had Tim and us in stitches.

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We heard many great stories of fun stuff from the set and things they had been doing lately.

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Still cracking Tim up. Ethan is a ball of energy and tends to rub off on others.

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Tim had a few good stories of jokes they played on each other. It seems they had all kinds of running jokes that went on and on. Some kind of finger game that had them punching each other. You had to be there. :)

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The crutches come out and they're done for the night. Next up was the autographs.

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