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I may skip the comments on some pics as it's hard to remember all that was said.

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Sorry for the graininess, can someone turn up the lights!!!!!

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Oh, this guy, he had an old picture of Peter DeLuise back when he had a mullet. She thought it was hysterical and was totally gonna make fun of him when she saw him again. I think the guy may have given her the picture, I'm sure she had the best time teasing him about it.

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The guy gave her a few other things as well, but boy she just couldn't wait to see Peter again. I'm sure she passed the picture around the whole set too.

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I think this was an impression of Peter directing. One of her favorite episodes was the one with Dom DeLuise in it. She said they never laughed so much and got so little done. She said he was amazing and the sweetest guy ever.

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They've since had the last DeLuise brother on the show so now the family is complete. David is playing her boyfriend. I asked her how it felt to actually have a boyfriend that isn't dead yet. She said it was great, really fun and nice to get to be a girl. But she did say that it was weird doing those scenes and she would have felt better if she got to carry around her gun too. She then went on to tell us about how close she's become to her gun. She, as a person, is against guns, but on the show it's become such second nature that she doesn't feel in character without it.

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For those of you that don't know, she's know as "The Black Widow of Scifi". All of the guys she likes on the show die. It may not be immediate, but eventually, they all die. In the ep with him, he did get shot at the end, but he recovers. She explained how she read the script and was depressed when she saw he gets shot and quickly read on to see if he lived. She was so happy to see he lives but figures he'll get killed off or something, but for now she's keeping her hopes up.

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This was a funny story. Kurt Russell had come to the set to visit since he was filming a movie nearby. (In case you don't know, he was in the original movie Stargate.) He was doing that one with all the Elvis's. Anyway, he came by the studio dressed in his Elvis costume and watched the filming for a while. He met just about everyone and got the tour. Amanda was told he was there but was filming her scene so didn't get to talk to him yet. So, he came up and just stood there behind one of the cameras and watched her. Well, she had to look in the general direction that he was standing and his being there distracted her. She tried and tried to do the scene but finally had to ask him if he'd move from her eyeline. The pic above is her asking Mr. Russell if he'd move. She's like a little girl in front of a huge movie star.

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Oh, here's when she took her husband to see the opening of the movie she did with Jr Bourne. It was called Stuck and she played a woman addicted to drugs stuck in an elevator with her boyfriend and some other people. She ends up basically having sex with her boyfriend while the others try to ignore them. Well, she filled her husband in on what it was about but when he saw it both her and Jr got nervous and tried not to make a big deal about it. Jr just sank down in the seat trying to be invisible and she said she tried to distract him by talking about something else.

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The scene was pretty graphic and her husband watched intently turning his head to follow the camera's movements. She was hysterical, acting out her part, then her husband's, then Jr's, then hers again. In the end it was all good and he understood everything. Amanda and Jr are quite good friends as they worked on SG1 together as well.

Ok, so you'll never guess...yeah there's more. They're from my 35mm camera. I got them on photo CD's so they look pretty good.

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