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The Salute to Star Trek, Stargate SG1 and Star Wars

February 6-8, 2004 Doubletree Hotel Bellevue, WA

Hello, nice to be back. I decided to go to the con again this year even though it was a whole different crowd, well, mostly anyway. As soon as I found out Amanda Tapping was going to be there I signed up right away, I didn't care who else was gonna be there. It actually turned out to be a nice group though. The guests were: Tim Russ, Ethan Phillips, Robert Picardo, Robert Beltran, Martin Rayner, Scott MacDonald, Bobby Clark, Peter Mayhew, Greg Evigan, and of course Amanda. Please excuse the graininess of the pictures. 1- it was really dark in there and B- my camera's sucking these days, need to get a new one. Well, here we go!!!

The con started on Friday night, and was basically the pre-registration. Most of the dealers were open and the guests that have tables in the lobby were there as well. So, I got my tickets, met the guests that were there, (Martin, Scott, Greg and Bobby) got pictures and autographs with them, bought a few things and made mental notes of all the other stuff I wanted to check out later. They closed up at about 9pm so I went out dancing that night.

Here's my favorite pics from the con.

BeltranKim.jpg (150411 bytes)

5dessert3.jpg (183424 bytes)

Here's the pics from Friday night.

1.jpg (87402 bytes)2.jpg (60375 bytes)

First it's Bobby Clark, a real sweetheart. And original from Star Trek. Then I'm guessing most people would recognize Greg Evigan. He just recently let his hair go grey, figured it might get him some different roles.

3.jpg (62573 bytes)4.jpg (80789 bytes)

We just got silly together and he kept making me laugh. Here's Scott Macdonald, he remembered me from last year, nice to see him again. And he did an episode of Stargate SG1 too.

5.jpg (41772 bytes)

The woman I asked to do the shot got this nice close up. We kept switching to take pictures of each other with the guests, she was very nice.

6.jpg (46342 bytes)7.jpg (75740 bytes)

And Mr. Martin Rayner, my friend. He was glad to see me, we spent quite a while chatting throughout the con. He's still wonderful as ever.

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