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New York City

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Ok, can you guess what these are pictures of? Yeah I went a little crazy, I was just having fun, trying out the camera, the digital one, and making sure I got some good shots. You can never tell on that little screen they give you on the camera. This is what we saw from our window.

I tried to do a few panoramas. Picture it in your mind. Or print them out and put them together to see the skyline.

I do have to say it's been many years since I've been here and it's just not the same without the Twin Towers. But enough about that. The city's past it and moving on, so shall we.

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Ok, so panorama is not the word I'd use. I tried really. Must have been the altitude.

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citybird.jpg (65201 bytes)

I like this one, the seagull does it for me.

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New Yorker, cool.

empire2.jpg (45020 bytes)

So I have an Empire State Building fetish, sue me.

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The big picture.

nyc2.jpg (47757 bytes)

nyc3.jpg (45552 bytes)

Trying to get the perfect shot. The digital zoom would only get me so close and it was cloudy and the hotel was moving and stuff.

nyc4.jpg (53728 bytes)

Oh, maybe that was just me, I have this dizzy thing. When I'm in tall buildings and use elevators alot I get dizzy very easily. An inner ear thing from when I was a kid I think.

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nyc6.jpg (52261 bytes)

nycbw.jpg (29887 bytes)nycbw2.jpg (20766 bytes)

Was going for the black and white look.

nycsepia.jpg (35284 bytes)

Sepia, old style. Don't ask, playing with the camera remember.

nycsepia2.jpg (49433 bytes)

Looks kind of cool huh? Well, that's it. The end of my craziness. I will add more pictures when Robin sends them to me. I'll update the homepage too, so keep checking back. Ok, go to bed now. :-)

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