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Stephanie Romanov

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Stephanie played Lilah Morgan on Angel. She was gorgeous, tall, and didn't look like Lilah much at all. When she came on she did a whole modeling thing for us so we could take pictures of her. She started at one side and worked her way across the stage. That was very nice of her to do. Thanks Stephanie!!!

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She got a chair too and did the sit down panel. Understandable when you're on your feet alot. She was just a hoot. she laughed more than we did I think. You'll see what I mean.

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She was not quite as animated as others but was really fun. She's had quite a few jobs and started out as a model. I didn't realize all she'd done till it started coming up in questions.

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She told lots of great stories about being on Angel and getting to do lots of fun stuff.

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More giggles.

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Telling stories.

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She liked being a kind of grey character. She was evil most of the time, but every once in a while you'd see she had a heart. Now Stephanie, she was all heart. She smiled and laughed and joked and was having a blast.

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Stephanie called herself spiritual not religious. I could tell she was a deep person and was very grounded. She had a calmness about her and seemed very easy going.

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She had a sarcastic wit that matched that of Lilah and an inner strength. She worked very hard to get past her model image and be taken seriously as an actor, but she still knows how to have fun.

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At the dessert party I almost didn't recognize her because her hair looked so different. It's grown out, light brown with lots of blond highlights and is just styled way different then it was on TV. It took me a minute to realize it was her. She came by our table and chatted with us a bit and I got a picture with her too, that'll come later, I hope.

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More smiles and giggles. Told ya.

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I asked her a non-TV related question just to throw her off. My question was, "If you had to drive across the country with one person who would it be?" She answered, "My husband." Then she explained that they're recently married and still in that, have to be with you all the time, stage. It was very sweet and the audience gave her a big, AAAAAWWWWW!!!

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One last quirky smile for the road.

After Stephanie was done it was time for autographs.

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I got this shot after I got mine. Then I headed in to say good bye to Robin AD. We talked a bit then I asked him if we could get a picture together. I gave my camera to a girl to take it for me and she took it when we weren't ready. So, we tried again.

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I went for broke and got an extra for good luck. What a sweetie. Gorgeous smile, blue eyes, long hair, oh noooooooooo, I'm melting again!!!!!!!!

The con ended about 6. We had some dinner and hung out in the room. That was about it really. We had alot of fun and I was tired. Hope you enjoyed the con, but it's not over yet. If you wanna see a grand example of my extreme silliness go on to page 6. If not, then, LATER!!!!

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