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Robin Atkin Downes

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I missed the beginning of his panel but came in after he had shown his video of some of the stuff he's done. Oh well, I've seen alot of it anyway. He answered more questions and talked more about his travels around the world.

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Ok, he's doing some voices not just making faces at us.

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He played more of his voice work and some of it is hysterical. You'd never know it was him.

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He moved around alot and was hard to get good pictures of. Dude, stand still. Anyway, I got to chat with him several times,  so I was happy to just listen and watch him.

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Some great poses, you come up with the comments.

Ok, you'll notice a color change here, these are the prints I took with my 35mm camera. All I can say is airport x-ray machines suck. I'm sure you've noticed it before and all I can say is sorry, and airport x-ray machines suck, bad!!!!!

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I have to apologize to the actors for taking such horrible pictures of them and posting them on my site. But he's still cute, even if he is grainy and pale.

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They put the actors name on the screen behind them in case they forget their name they can turn around and look. Plus there's a picture of them in case they're not sure.

Oh yeah, I forgot, I took some pictures of NYC Saturday night. Was trying to capture the lights. I tried.

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So, not great, use your imagination and pretend they turned out wonderful for me ok.

After Robin AD came...

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