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Robia LaMorte

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Robia was so sweet. She came out and posed for pictures as cameras were clicking away. It's hard to get good pictures when they're all moving around and stuff. So she stood still and smiled for us a while.


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She didn't stand long. She got a chair and sat and talked with us like we were in her living room with her, it was great.


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She was very animated, as most actors are and laughed with us alot.

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She wished her character had lived longer and she could have seen what would have happened with Giles. As being the first major character to get killed off she said it was ok, she was told ahead of time and was prepared for it, but still wished she could have stayed longer. The scene where Angel is chasing her took forever and they had her in high heels too. So, for shots where you didn't see her feet she was wearing sneakers. She's also a bit shorter in person than I thought. But still she looked exactly like she did on screen, beautiful.

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She's very unlike her character in alot of ways. She's a pretty strict Christian and won't do things that go against her faith. So, she wouldn't do some of the things they had in the script and they changed them just for her. It's nice to see a studio work with it's actors and not have a hissy fit over stuff like that.

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She actually started her career as a dancer. She got to work with Prince too. She became Pearl, for the Diamond's and Pearls Album and music videos. Then for the tour she and Diamond were Prince's voice in alot of interviews and events. She still has a great respect for Prince and continues to dance, but not like back then. That was before the move to Christianity.


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She connected with the audience well and spoke a bit about her religion as alot of fans wanted to know a bit more. She even brought some tapes she made and gave them to fans that wanted them, about 15 in total. She also spoke of having a special time put aside for anyone who really wanted to talk more about Religion. That was very nice of her as not everyone was interested in the religious aspects. She has a beautiful heart and it's wonderful to see an openness like that.

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She got silly too. There were all kinds of questions and you know us Buffy fans.

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She's a great story teller and kept us on the edge of our seats.

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Some great moments and faces.

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She wound up the panel on time and we moved on to the next thing. More movie previews. After that we went for lunch, hit the dealer's room some more and then came back for Robin's next panel.

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