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Robin's Panel

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Robin played a tape of some of his voice work. It was really good. He does an incredible array of accents and does celebrity voices too. He's best known to Buffy fans as Machida from the episode "Reptile Boy". He's worked on Babylon 5, and has done a few other characters on Buffy and did a stint on Angel as well. The only problem is he's usually under so much makeup that you can't tell it's him.

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My favorite character is Byron from Babylon 5. He looked great on that show. The long blond hair, those sexy eyes, the warmth and caring in his heart, made my legs melt. Seriously, I couldn't stand after seeing him on TV. :-)

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After getting to meet him and talk with him I fell in love all over again. He is a wonderful guy. Very interesting, open, and warm. Did I mention HOT too!!! Ok, picking self up off the floor, the melting thing again. But truthfully, he's a real sweetie and fun to hang out with, if you get the chance have a chat with him, you won't regret it.


Nicholas Brendon's Panel

So then Nick was up. There was wild screaming, applause and I think someone fainted.

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He came out all smiles and full of energy. He went pretty much right to questions too. He answered questions quickly and used alot of short answers. But at times he'd ramble on too, so it was all good.

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He's very much like Xander in his energy and comedic timing. He had me laughing so much I was crying.

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Very animated and quirky, he kept things moving and entertained us tremendously.

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He got mostly Buffy questions about episodes, and behind the scenes stuff. Was asked about pranks and silliness on set. Well, what do you think? The only thing they never did was adlib. Joss made them stick to the script religiously. He said there was one time when he was talking in the background and he said some weird stuff but it was ok. Then he said a few times Joss would have him do a scene a couple different ways to see what he liked best, he'd get the leeway to do things slightly different then written. He didn't mind the musical episode although he doesn't consider himself a singer.

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He even did the snoopy dance for us but it went by so fast I couldn't get a picture. I asked him a question about one of my favorite episodes. The one with Dracula, forget the name of it. Anyway, I raised my hand and when he pointed to me he said, "Yes lap sitter". I just blushed and dropped my head into my hands. He went on to say that my new nickname for the con was  now lap sitter. I just grinned and nodded that was fine. Then he must have realized what he'd said  how it must have sounded and he explained it to the rest of the audience. It went something like, "she got a photo with me and asked if she could sit on my lap and I said sure ok why not." So, after a few strange looks he comes back to me to hear my question, and again said something like. "go ahead lap sitter". I kept smiling but finally got my question out. It was basically, "How much fun was it to do the Dracula episode?" He immediately went into a long story. He liked that episode alot. One thing he said was that he never knew he could talk that fast. He went on to do a few lines from it and cracked everyone up. It was the one where they were all in Giles's apartment and Xander was under Dracula's spell and he starts calling him "the Master" while talking about him. The others look at him weird and then he says, "bater". He did it in perfect timing and I was just dying. Then a few times during other conversations he'd say, "bater", just to be funny, it worked.

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He was a serious blast to watch and listen to, could have done it all day. He seemed to be having a ball up there and he went longer then expected because he just kept taking questions.

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The many faces of Nick.

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Hard not to see him as Xander huh. But with some weight loss, different hair, glasses and a bit of grey he was all Nick. Sweet, funny, playful and just downright silly.

After his panel we had a dinner break and then the Dessert Party started around 8:30. Robin and I got there a bit late but just in time to have them bringing in more tables for us. We lucked out and got a seat right next to the piano where Robin AD was going to play. SWEET!!!!! All the guests showed up and Nick even tried his hand at the piano. Robin was excellent. Nick, not a piano player either. But he had fun and kept us laughing all night. I got pictures with just about everyone, see Robin's pictures. If you missed them Click Here.

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