Robin's Pictures

I just got these from Robin. She sent me a bunch of prints but I still don't have a scanner so can't put those in but I know you'll enjoy these. We start with Nick's panel.

1nick.jpg (63109 bytes)2.jpg (47104 bytes)

Her pics turned out pretty grainy too so please forgive the color and fuzziness. You can still get a taste of the silliness that is Nick.

3.jpg (28804 bytes)4.jpg (61590 bytes)

5.jpg (36394 bytes)6.jpg (34397 bytes)

Signing autographs, you can't see her that well, but Iyari's next to him.

7.jpg (65997 bytes)8.jpg (30686 bytes)

They kept the line moving pretty fast as usual. I'm glad Robin got these pics, none of mine came out.

9ny.jpg (94445 bytes)

Robin's pic of NYC. She likes the Empire State Building too.

10car.jpg (44537 bytes)

Her car, we think. She had it valet parked and it sat there for a day or so then it was gone. But when she went to pick it up they brought it to her so we're just not sure if they took it for a joy ride, or if it was even hers, but it looks just like it.

Next up is the dessert party. I didn't even bother to bring a camera cause I didn't know if my film was good or not and the digital is so bulky so I relied on Robin to get some good pics for me. Most turned out pretty well.

13group.jpg (115376 bytes)

Stephanie was so sweet. We had talked a bit then got pictures with her. Robin AD came by just as we took the shot.

12kimstephanie.jpg (106995 bytes)11kimrobin.jpg (103129 bytes)

So, we got another one, then I grabbed him to get a pic too.

14robinsteph.jpg (57698 bytes)15robinrobia.jpg (54526 bytes)

Robin's turn. Robia was alot of fun.

17kimiyari.jpg (57519 bytes)18nickrad.jpg (79365 bytes)

A hug with Iyari. I think that's quite a Kennedy look there. Nick and Robin AD at the piano. They had the sing a long and Nick did his best. He even tried his hand at playing but it was all fun and games and no seriousness was allowed.

19radpiano.jpg (138525 bytes)

Robin was wonderful on the piano and the group behind him knew most of the Buffy musical songs by heart.

20kimrobiarad.jpg (131976 bytes)

When I got my turn to get a pic with Robia we decided to have some fun and play it up a bit. We joked and posed several ways till Robin took the shot.

21laughing.jpg (43302 bytes)22robinrobin.jpg (64442 bytes)

Then she took another just as I had laughed at something Robia said. Oh well, if you can't laugh at yourself it's not fun. A nice shot of the 2 Robins.

16kimrobin.jpg (73866 bytes)

Unfortunately this is one that didn't turn out well at all. And it was the one I really wanted. I sat up on the piano and got a nice pic with Robin, but because it was so dark and the camera's flash couldn't reach that far it turned out very fuzzy and grainy. Otherwise it would have been a great shot. I tried to fix it up enough so you could see it at least but there's only so much I can do. Too bad. Guess that means I'll just have to see him again. :)

Well, that's it. Hope you enjoyed these and if I ever get a scanner I'll add more of Robin's wonderful shots. Later!!!

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