Creation's Salute to Buffy and Angel

Crowne Plaza Meadowlands

Secaucus, NJ

March 20-21, 2004


Hello everyone, this is our 3rd con this year and it was another great one. I arrived on Friday, late I might add, stupid planes. Anyway, I was a bit restless and saw that there was a Salsa band playing in the ballroom and they had a DJ mixing in the other room. So, I got my room, changed and freshened up and went down to dance and listen to the music. The band was pretty good, and the crowd was overwhelmingly Latin. Good thing I had taken Salsa lessons. I danced for a while and then the flight and long day caught up with me. So, I relaxed in my room, prepared for the next day's activities and got to bed at a decent time, well, before 2am, that's pretty good for me.

Oh, before I forget, the guests were, in order of appearance: Iyari Limon, Robin Atkin Downes, Nicholas Brendon, Robia LaMorte, Stephanie Romanov.

The pictures start on Saturday morning. My friend Robin was coming to meet me and spend the weekend so I met up with her and we headed to the con. We bought tickets for various things. She got her con tickets and I got extra autograph tickets. Then I decided to get a photo op with Nick, so glad I did, he was a blast. They had a great dealer's room and I spent much time wandering and staring wishing I had more money. I did pick up a few items though so I was happy. Robin Atkin Downes, heretofore and foreverafter will be called Robin AD, to differentiate between him and my friend Robin, had a table set up in the dealer's room. He was there most of the weekend and signed autographs and took pictures with people.

15room.jpg (20891 bytes)

The room, I could go on about a whole fiasco and the fact I had to change rooms but I won't. Let's just say I went from a lower floor facing away from NYC to the 12th floor facing NYC, I was happy. I had a fridge and a microwave and was actually across the hall from Nick Brendon so it was all good. Although I only found out he was across from me after he left, so no biggie there.


1.jpg (36672 bytes)2.jpg (54947 bytes)

The dealer's room, a small portion anyway. The first pic shows Robin AD. He's the one in the back, long dark hair and dark shirt, next to the lady in stripes. I got like 5 autographs from him and he gave me a deal, what a nice guy!!!!

3.jpg (43578 bytes)4.jpg (38354 bytes)

The con started with the videos as usual and movie previews, all very cool. Then they picked people from the audience to act out a scene from Buffy. The had 8 couples all together and split them in half so 4 couples did one scene and 4 did another. I saw the choosing of the teams but actually missed the scenes, DUH!!! The first group was Buffy and Angel I believe.

5.jpg (33767 bytes)

The second group was Willow and Xander.

Iyari Limon

7iyari.jpg (51682 bytes)

Iyari played Kennedy on Buffy. She looked the same in person as on TV, but maybe a little shorter. She was really nice and went right to questions.

8iyari.jpg (60792 bytes)9iyari.jpg (27331 bytes)

She was fun and silly and joked alot. She had some hard questions but got though them brilliantly.

10iyari.jpg (25102 bytes)11iyari.jpg (56042 bytes)12iyari.jpg (26928 bytes)

Right now she's looking for work and staying active. She loves acting and plans to keep at it. She was very different from Kennedy in some ways but a bit like her in others. She's driven and knows what she wants, she's confident and honest like Kennedy. But, she seemed really sweet and silly too which I don't think I can say about Kennedy. Unfortunately she did say that she felt she didn't get to explore Kennedy long enough and would have loved to spend more time getting to know her.

13iyari.jpg (18868 bytes)14aiyari.jpg (65591 bytes)

I think there were many sides to Kennedy we didn't get to see. But it was great getting to know Iyari.

Then, sometime mid afternoon we got our room and moved in. I just had to get pictures of the city.

16ny.jpg (75615 bytes)

17ny.jpg (42936 bytes)

18ny.jpg (54041 bytes)

19ny.jpg (52191 bytes)

Then I realized it was time to get my photo op with Nick so I hurried up and ate some lunch and ran downstairs to get it. Luckily there was still a long line and I was at the end, yet again. I met the 2 young guys in line in front of me and had to comment on their costumes. See if you can guess who they are trying to be.

NickSpike.jpg (14435 bytes)NickXander.jpg (14461 bytes)

I took these shots off the Creation site that's why they're blurry. The guys said they didn't mind if I did that so I figure it's all good. Did you figure it out yet?? Spike and Xander of course. They both looked really good, the costumes were great and even the hair was pretty damn close. Great job guys and Nick said he liked their outfits too, so I eavesdropped.

1nickkim.jpg (126672 bytes)

Finally, it was my turn. I figured since I started this new tradition at the last con I might as well see if it was ok with him. I asked, he said, "Sure, why not", and other such stuff and we joked about it being the last one of the day. I said after me he could relax and stop smiling. He said something about the fact that he always looked like that. He does have a great smile though and was very cool the whole time I was there. The color's a little weird, I tried to fix it but didn't want to mess with it too much.

After that I went and listened to Robin AD's panel, he's on the next page.

But before you go there you might want to stop over at my friend Robin's page to see the pics she took.

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