The panel with Marc Alaimo, Casey Biggs and Jeffrey Combs

But first, I'll explain how the morning started. There was the photo op with James Marsters first thing at noon, so I stood in line for that about an hour or so and then ran over to this panel and caught it in progress. After I sat down and the guys looked at me they all recognized me from last night and gave me a smile and a wave HI. I did the same back but tried to be discreet. So, here's some pictures of the wild panel they had and some of the craziness that ensued.

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That's Casey on the left and Jeffrey, then Marc is in the next picture, don't know why he was holding his head but it's hysterical.

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Ok, here was Marc showing us how they do fight scenes and don't hit each other. It's the art of reaction and camera angles. He told us this great story of how he was doing a fight scene with Commander Sisko, Avery Brooks. They practiced the scene many times and they both said they wanted it to look really real. When it came time to shoot the shot Avery swung and actually hit him in the face. Marc was stunned and Avery was so sorry. Guess that's show biz.

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These guys were pretty tight. They were funny, really funny and silly too, which I wouldn't have thought from a group of guys that seem so adult and serious about their jobs. It's great to see them be able to be that way, so relaxed and honest, smiling and laughing with us, it was great.

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Well, the panel was so much fun to watch, I tried to get lots of pictures to show how much fun they had, so here's some of the fun.

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When it was over they did the autographs and that's when I got all my pictures signed. I chatted with the guys and they were all kidding around and stuff it was great. I gotta say they're a bunch of really nice guys.

Ok, now we'll move on to the next panel with Andy and James.

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