The con starts with a music video of Star Trek clips. Then there's a chat with Richard Arnold to keep us up to date on what's up with Star Trek cast members. Then he asked how everyone liked Star Trek Nemesis. I haven't seen it yet, but the crowd seemed split I think. Then they did a salute to the captains of Star Trek and it was pretty funny. They added in pictures of Captain Archer of Enterprise cause they didn't have any actual video footage of him, plus they said they only put in actors that they've had at their cons, so since he hadn't been to one yet they didn't know if they should put him in, so they just randomly put in still shots of him, it was funny, had to be there I guess. So, finally they got to the panels, Ethan Phillips was up first, he played Neelix on Voyager. I had actually run into him out at the guest tables in the main hall. I was standing out talking to the guys I had met the night before and I hear his voice and recognized it immediately. Turned to see him standing next to me chatting with one of the guys. Guess they all know each other pretty well, either from doing the shows together or doing the cons together, but they all seemed pretty close. He was so funny and friendly I knew he'd be great on his panel. And he was, here's some shots.

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OK, the first shot is of Richard starting the con. Then we have the hilarious Ethan, he kept us laughing and couldn't stand still to save his life. He was charming and funny and answered questions wonderfully. He had a great rapport with the fans and made the start to the con memorable.

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The many faces of Ethan. He is quite a character, but because of his constant activity it made it hard to get good pictures of him. The last shot is with my little Elph camera, the others were taken with my digital.

Next up is Robert Picardo, Voyager's Doctor. He was much more calm, practically stood still the whole time. Well, not really, but was much more stationary than Ethan. He was actually much more funny than I thought he'd be. He has this CD of parody songs about the shows and other things and he actually sang them for us, it was hysterical. The music was great too and he has a pretty decent voice, another wonderful surprise. He also had this book he wrote, kind of like a diary of his time on the show I think. Ok, it's been too long and I've forgotten alot, someone help me out here. I think it was done in the style of the Doctor and his experiences on Voyager. Anyway, it was so funny I was crying. Well, here's some shots, a few are of him singing, it was great. He left us wanting more that's for sure.

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After his panel they showed previews for up coming movies. I went to check out the dealers rooms and get more pictures with the other guests outside. Then they did the autographs for Ethan and Robert so I went through that line, luckily they did it by row number so I got in early and had time to go back out to the main hall. After that they did a panel of Star Trek Guest Stars. Here's where the people out in the main hall get to shine. I got a few pics, I don't remember all the names and might get some wrong so if you see I've made a mistake in naming someone please let me know, I'm so bad with names.

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Ok, let's try to name everyone from left to right, back row first. J. PAUL BOEHMER, MARTIN RAYNER, ?, RICHARD HERD?, GLENN SHADIX, SCOTT MacDONALD. Front row, ARLENE MARTEL, NICHOLAS WORTH?, LESLIE PARRISH?.
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It was a fun panel and they all got along so well, working off each other, making jokes and they seemed to connect with the fans well too which is nice, cause that doesn't always happen.

Next we broke for lunch. What a good time to start another page!!

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