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So, here's the photos I got with all the guests I could find. I know I missed some but hey there were alot of them. First off I got pictures of the banners that were on the sides of the stage. As each actor came on stage they autographed their picture and at the end they auctioned them off. Went for pretty high too.

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J Paul Boehmer, all with the Vulcan "Live long and prosper" thing. I tried, can't do it. Good thing he played a Vulcan on the show huh? He did Voyager and Enterprise. Then  Scott MacDonald, a Romulan among many other things I believe, strange they sat him next to a Vulcan. He was on several of the Trek shows.

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Gregory Itzin, a wonderfully nice guy and he even brought his wife too. He was very flirty and fun to hang out with. He was on Deep Space Nine and Enterprise, also an actor that's been around the block a few times.

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Klingons looking mean and nasty and looking for trouble. After I took this picture I wanted to get a shot with them but they tried to attack me and the picture didn't turn out because of all the commotion, but I did escape with my life and a few pieces of their outfits and maybe some hair too. But otherwise they're a great bunch of  guys and I'd party with them anytime.

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Linda Harrison, a gorgeous woman who I had a great time talking to. She played Nova in the original Planet of the Apes movie. It's nice to see all these great actors get together and just be open to meeting people, talking, and having fun. I really enjoyed meeting all of them. Next we have Kurt and Cody Wetherill, twins!! Cute guys and polite too.

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They played the young Borg on Voyager. Figured I'd get my pic with them and then I met their big brother.....

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AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...he's trying to assimilate me. I don't look to worried do I? I forget what his designation was but he turned out to be a nice Borg, really.

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See, he let me go and we became friends. I think there was even a hint of a smile, his humanity's in there somewhere.

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Ryan Spahn, the oldest of the Borg children on Voyager, nice to see they hang together even when they're not being evil and trying to take over the universe.

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Nicholas Worth, did Voyager, and has been around a long time, great actor.


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The wonderful Mr. Martin Rayner. My dance partner and now friend. He was the incredible Dr. Chaotica on Voyager. We really hit it off and anyone who came to the cocktail party got to see he and I shake our groove thang. It was so much fun, thanks to the con for having such a wonderful event!!!

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